Moore on Film Credit plan.. and a BONUS!!

“Roll out the red carpet” according to Michael Moore at a hearing on the Michigan film credit in Traverse City Monday. He means.. Don’t take advantage of the film crews, production guys etc.. “Make them feel welcome” Telling us at the hearing, that if we try to capitalize too much on their coming here it wont help the plan.

Umm don’t raise prices, its not like we are giving them any incentive to do business here. The rest of his oration, was pretty much as confusing as his personal life vs. the messages of his politics.

One little thing that stands out however, is when he said “These aren’t minimum wage jobs being created, even the people getting coffee make $20 an hour.” That explains the Teamster boss’s presence. Job retraining.. from tool man on the assembly line to Coffee getter for the Michael Moore’s of the world.. “Dammit man I wanted it BLACK!” Yeah, job training.. Moore had something to say on that as well. you sitting down? Moore: “Maybe its my Flint side speaking, but I’ve seen 20 years of that stuff.” Then he called it “pandering.” like OMG.. Totally said it.. not making it up. Bitchin.

Ok maybe it wasnt that big a deal. Yawn.

But THIS is.

Moore gave an example of something worth telling. When he was selecting seating for the Traverse City State theater, he looked to Michigan. His first stop was a furniture provider (un-named) in G.R. which was flying the Chinese and American Flag out front. After pricing and evaluating the seating there, he discovered the seating was made in a factory in china, then brought there. He then went to Greystone International, and found they have a more comfortable seat (he tested personally with his robust frame, 2 pregnant ladies and a monkey.. ok made the monkey part up) which was made with ALL parts from within a 30 mile radius of Grand Rapids. ALL Parts made in Grand Rapids Michigan!

but wait there is soooooo much more… (or should I say Mooore)

The seats were $100 less according to the grand poobah of snarky documeantwrongeries. (new word.. just made it up.. you paying attention Webster?) $100 less for an AMERICAN made more comfy butt holder. THATS what we are talking about. This morning, I just had to know their secret. I called Greystone and queried them about one item. It seems they are Not a UNION Shop. Not only that, but they pay 100% for insurance for employees, also a higher wage, (around $20/hr range) and the work force has been stable for several years now. Greystone Intl is also that.. International, with worldwide sales. The representative also mentioned the owners have made sure that the employees do not lose time on the job when business slows. “They find things for them to do.” according to my “inside source.”

Appreciate the heads up Mike!  Good home grown products with a non union label price tag!

Look for part two soon.. there was much mooore (ok enough with bad puns already)