Dear Michigander,

I was born here, raised here, and quite frankly, cannot imagine living anywhere else. Michigan is my home, my security, my life. I am writing this to hopefully enlist your aid in taking back our great state and traditional way of life from those who incrementally try to take it from us. Perhaps I should elaborate on whom we face as a persistent threat in these somewhat difficult times.

Mr. Green – Mr. Green is currently the center for climate strategies, a fear mongering institution which through deception and lies, (and perhaps pay off?) to our chief executive, has begun writing economy damaging policies that affect us and will be instituted by executive order. Never mind that you who have lived here do not always agree, they don’t care. They do not allow debate, and these “out of towners” have other plans which do not mirror your own. Mr Green can be others who share his oppressive anti traditional views and strategies. He has many a friend by the same name.

Mrs Tingle – Mrs. Tingle is the exciting character we see from time to time who tells us how wonderful life would be if we get the “players” to come into town. Sometimes Mrs. tingle pays well for the privilege (for you) to see these players in action. Film makers, Bio-scientists and the like certainly spur the talk around town, but in reality cost us more than we can afford sometimes. But we DO have fun… don’t we?

Mr. Blue – Mr Blue doesn’t think much about you. Mr. Blue preys on the feelings of insecurity you might have. He thinks you cannot employ your talents in a profitable manner without his assistance. But Mr. Blue knows he must change with the times, and to keep your trust, he must vilify your employer, and those who suggest you have the talent to succeed on your own. Mr. Blue’s services are hardly free, and he uses the money you pay him to do immoral things. Recently, Mr. Blue tried to hijack our constitution. He is still trying. Mr. Blue doesn’t think you can elect people who represent your philosophies, traditions without his particular flavor and hand print. I DID say he doesn’t think much about you.

Mr. Black – Mr. Black is the enemy of Michigan’s future. Mr. Black encourages the killing of our babies through abortive procedures. He doesn’t always differentiate between viability or not, and whether it is a life or death issue to suggest the murdering of our future. Mr. Black often asks for your assistance through your tax dollars. This way, he shares with you the burden (and responsibility ) of his immoral acts.

Michigander, my letter you see, is one asking for your help in regaining what has traditionally been one of the finest states in the nation. This election cycle, will have many choices. Some people who do NOT represent our finer points will ask for your support, and some who are deserving of our trust will as well. And though Mr. Green, Mrs Tingle, Mr. Blue and Mr. Black can speak through even those you believe in, I ask simply that you question them. Ask them the following questions:

Mr. Blue, why wont you let us decide to work where we want? Why do you insist that we cannot operate without the overbearing influence you hold over the employers who give us jobs, and put food on our tables? Why do you think we are incapable of bargaining on our own? And Mr. Blue? Why did you try to steal control of our government with deception?

Mr. Black, are you trying to lower the population of our state? How do you justify the murdering of Michigan innocents, and finally why do you insist I pay to help you?

Mr. Green, don’t you know your policies limit our growth? Food costs more after you write the rules, don’t you know we are hungry? Our workers need jobs, and your policies are counter productive to gainful employment, why wont you allow debate on the issue? I know you aren’t FROM here, but why do you hate Michigan Mr Green?

Mrs. Tingle, if giving money to the select film makers, Bio Science folks brings them in, what about us? What about allowing US to keep what WE HAVE? If you insist tax policy brings in business then why would it be different for KEEPING the business that is already here? We aren’t as excited Mrs. Tingle.

If we ask these folks at EVERY opportunity, Maybe, just maybe, we will begin to see them question their own motives. And if not, fellow Michigander.. then maybe we can show them the door at our next opportunity. God speed, good luck, and please write back soon.

Jason Gillman

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  1. July 23, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    Creative, imaginative, and downright truthful, though I think you forgot Mr. Red, who spends even more of our money despite reducing valuable services.

    Link added to my web site, this is too good not to share.

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