MEA Encourages Democrat Crossover For THEIR Candidate

Well, it seems conservatives might have a clue as to who NOT to vote for in August’s 47th District State House race. The wary might be concerned that Democrats are being recruited by the Michigan Education Association to crossover into…

Mitt’s Greatest Hits

Corporate bundlers may wish to hold on to their bundles a bit longer.  The disappointing story of Mitt is well chronicled in the video below.

At a time when principle trumps self promotion, its unlikely an establishment Republican like Romney will break 25 points in the primaries.  If he WAS selected as the nominee, the likelihood his waffling positions would be used often, as the current ‘occupier’ of the white house would waste no opportunity to show Mitt is no different.

Rick Snyders True Colors Flying

Reposted from Rightmichigan.com Many folks have been wondering why Rick Snyder won’t openly debate the other Republican candidates for Governor.  Some say he does not yet want to be outed as the progressive shill he is.  Some say he is…