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Self Service & Jerky Knees

Reposted from RightMi.com One would think there is a point where even the most oppressive government knows when to say when. I sell security cameras, and the related security recorders. There are few people who understand the advantages of having…

Indiana Fights Back

The 4th amendment is not negotiable. God bless those Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians in Indiana who are willing to stand up to creeping totalitarianism.

Police need to be able to do their jobs, but they must do so legally.

Yet Municipal WiFi Dreams Live On

I Watched the Traverse City Schools cut a lot of folks out last night. I also watched the East Bay Township begin the process for mis-allocation of future tax dollars through its approval of another process of funding for a…

The PIGS were "Stupid."

In a brilliant community organizing “X” moment.. The president opened his gaping yaw and let the truth out.  Not the actual words being the truth, but the overriding antipathy he has for the Law, Law enforcement and those who would…