The PIGS were "Stupid."

In a brilliant community organizing “X” moment.. The president opened his gaping yaw and let the truth out.  Not the actual words being the truth, but the overriding antipathy he has for the Law, Law enforcement and those who would uphold it.

Now mind you, I have taken a literary shot or two at police before who have abused the responsibilities given to them by their communities.  We have certainly witnessed abuses particularly in the fight against drugs and related issues.  But those shots are merely to keep them aware we are watching, and that that no responsibility they hold, gives them the rights to abuse the citizens white or black, rich or poor. Does this make their jobs more difficult? It might, but that hardly excuses the occasional screw up, and I’ll still try to keep it to the facts and individual rights issues.

Even though I have had my disagreements with the manner in which (SOME) police have raided the wrong homes, hurt the wrong people and then attempted to cover up mistakes, I have never suggested such a regrettably deep dislike for the police and their obviously tough positions given the increasingly hardened atmosphere in their work, as Obama did when he said they were STUPID.

Well.. they were not called Stupid.. at least according to the white house..

Gibbs was asked if the president regretted his use of words last night and he said no, but wanted to clarify his remarks.

Gibbs said the president was talking about how there was a point in the incident where both parties (Gates and the Cambridge police) realized that the situation was not what the police were originally called for and cooler heads should have prevailed. Gibbs said he was not aware of the president speaking to Gates.

But when we look at what was really said?

“The Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home,” Obama said in his press conference on Wednesday night.”

Stupid is as stupid does.   But of course that very statement above was prefaced by the “I don’t have all the facts of the case” comment as well.

Now a couple of days after the event occurred, we find out what this president’s truest feelings on race relations are about.  When he says he doesn’t KNOW the facts, yet makes an offhand slight of the police, it reveals a predisposition and distrust of the police.  A preconceived notion that the police “profile” blacks and assume an automatic hostility towards them.

So much for race relations being helped by this “bigot” winning.  Yes.. I said Bigot.  His DECISION to use the race card has not only been seen in this instance but also at other times during his “community organizing,”  and during the election as pointed out by Bill Clinton. Clinton said in 2008:

“This is almost like once you accuse someone of racism and bigotry, the facts become irrelevant.”

But.. he is the President.  This is not a position which allows the casual “toss off” of reasonability like one would find in a church that has a minister “ginning up the flock.”  This is hardly a Jesse Jackson moment where most of us can roll our eyes,  and say “there he goes again..”  This is the presumed leader of the free world, and now he has made it clear his disrespect for men in uniform, and a suggestive attitude that people of color might well consider themselves above a standard that needs to respect authority.

How many youth in this nation were so proud, seeing the first black elected president assume the position that was only a generation before, an impossible thought?  How many of them now have a greater distrust for the police, whom so OBVIOUSLY target blacks?  How well will that assist in the relations, attitudes, and efforts to move further away from clearly defined differences between blacks and whites?

I have opined before, that the only good thing I saw to come out of the Obama win of the presidency, was that race relations should never be so bad as before.  We may have a growing state that I disagree with but, while we are waiting for leadership that will return us to values that have made this country the greatest on earth, our personal distrust for those whom look different should go away. That “WE HAVE OVERCOME” the obstacles necessary to turn a color blind eye and pursue justice equally for all.

Now I am not so sure.  Even now, I wonder if that will ever be possible, particularly given the predilection of our current president to “dis the man.”

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  1. August 11, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    Regarding Film Council Meeting in Tcity
    Kind of like found money in that, it wouldn’t BE here if it were not for the incentives bills.

    You Say:
    Those proponents who feel that the deal worked out was a bargain, and that we are getting FREE Money should consider the fact they have lost the value this state brings without the additional money that was essentially “left at the table.” They forget the natural beauty, the variety of urban, nature and waterscapes which are highly sought after already. Michigan has SO MUCH to offer ANY industry without any overblown incentives.

    I SAY:
    Unfortunately, the reality is that the world is not a level playing field and over the last 15 years we have seen work leave the state of Michigan (commercials and features) and go first to Canada then to other States that developed incentives first.

    YOU SAY:
    That’s 42% CASH Folks. Yeah, I know that Rebates aren’t usually turned in for redemption, but these are such big deals they HIRE someone or a TEAM to make sure the cereal box tab is cut out properly. Maybe they would have come for less? And finally WHO made this deal anyhow? PT Barnum is widely credited as describing such folks in my opinion, and it ain’t just as “ladies and gentlemen.” A 42% CREDIT, not a tax abatement, which is typically used for manufacturing and other industry incentives. But WHY? Why 42%.. why not 20%? or 10%? I mean no disrespect for other states who might be offering 25% or thereabouts, but 42%???!!!

    I SAY: Its 42% cuz we were in the middle of the pack at 12% in 2007 and found only 2 films came here. Who MADE THIS DEAL? All of the adults in the Room, Repubs and Dems said OK!! to this deal, you’re elected officials after careful due diligence.
    AND again don’t forget the SIXTY percent that stays here that would not have been here and that stimulates growth even in this down economy.

    I SAY:
    Money quoted as budgets often is not the actual spend in any state til the job is over so if they say 40mil will be spent here – you can’t merely take 42% of that…you have to wait til the actuals come in and you will find the actual MI spend was less so they get less back…yet they still spent 60% of whatever that was…here in cities, gas stations, groceries, hotels, car rental places, yes bagel shops too.

    YOU SAY:
    Of course having Teamster Boss Bill Black at the hearing made it a little more clear perhaps? the 40% extra may be for the 80 Plus contracts he says are already out for review for his TEAMSTER employees.. (remember in the last post I mentioned $20/hour coffee getters..)

    I SAY: The teamsters don’t get coffee dude. They drive crew and cast all over the state. They fill up vehicles they take the working trucks to get repaired in MI, they fix trucks too. Production Assistants and Craft services people do the coffee FYI and for less than $20/hr

    YOU SAY:

    Michigan, I will again remind you of the value you have in resources, people and industry. The film industry can be a vibrant and exciting addition to our economy, yet we shouldn’t shell out all of our gold for merely tinsel in return.

    I SAY:

    Michigan we have great values to parlay into a creative economy. We are investing in a more viable future that keeps our graduates here, that allows people to work, that allows R&D and growth as a separate revenue stream. What investment that you know EVER showed a return in the first year? This one is just beginning to.

    • jgillman
      August 11, 2009 at 6:04 pm

      Not sure WHY you responded on this article instead of one that actually had the slightest thing to do with it, but Ill just chalk it up to A.D.D.
      I SAY..
      1. It appears you are in the industry. And if you live here, are concerned that your industry is disappearing, so you have an interest in seeing benefits go to it. Self serve much? That’s expected.
      2. The numbers you give are bull. 60% stays here? What is the original 42% hadn’t gone to them and remained in the pockets of business that is ALREADY in trouble? WHO is the government to determine that the Film industry is more deserving? Did you see the study? And AS competition ramps up middle of the pack or not, film makers are simply going to use whatever suits them best. The money left in the pockets of TAXPAYERS would also be spent in the coffee shops for bagels etc.. I don’t need government helping me spend it.
      3. Michael Moore brought up the $20 and hour teamster coffee gophers. Not me. I was repeating his words.
      4. Michigan.. we are screwed if this mentality that suggests a few losers currently running our government can work better magic than a REAL Free Market. Remember WHY they are in government.. for the MOST PART it is because they FAIL at real life, and couldn’t make a profit except by the extortion of government. Rent seekers, most every one of them. If this is the crap Michigan graduates are learning before they leave college, we are in deep trouble.

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