Gretchen Whitmer’s teammate Garlin Gilchrist really really really doesn’t like to debate.

He must find it to be a little scary. That or the boss knows he will drag her chances for a win to the floor. Three strikes and yer out! The last three times it didn’t go so well, and Gilchrist didn’t win as candidate for city clerk.

The Schuette campaign was hoping that Garlin Gilchrist would agree to debate Lisa Lyons at least once. If only so that voters could see how well this man with no governmental oversight or legislative experience might do when put under the slightest of pressure.

So instead of pressuring Gretchen Whitmer’s BEST PICK for Lt. Governor relentlessly, the Schuette campaign has released as a public service, a list of each debate he has already engaged in, so that Michigan’s voting public can make an informed choice on November 6.

See them by going below the fold.

Garlin Gilchrist Debates

Gilchrist debated Janice Winfrey three times last year but refuses to debate Lisa Posthumus Lyons this year

(Courtesy of the Bill Schuette campaign)



Click above to watch Gilchrist debating on

Click above to watch Gilchrist debating on WXYZ

Click above to watch Gilchrist debating on WDIV

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