11th Hour Stupidity

Republicans leadership has called for a candidate from their own party to step down from the race he could still win carrying their mantel.

Arguably, it seems reasonable that the party that under normal circumstances should call out predatory and civilly unacceptable acts as disqualifying for public representation would do so.  Even IF they have failed to do so in the past with Senators Robert Bird, Senator Teddy Kennedy, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Hillary Clinton and only weakly with the former president William Jefferson Clinton.

I am familiar with the concept of keeping one’s own house first, but based on claims made several decades after alleged acts, should the GOP burn it’s own house down?  And does it not seem suspicious that the very heart of the #NeverMoore movement had already spent a reported $30 million to make sure he never reached this point?

Republican voters should realize that IF ROY MOORE is ever proven to have assaulted (only one claim by a client of Gloria Alread so far) any woman, young or not, he would  be considerably pressured at that point, and would in the face of it likely resign ..by himself.  He has to this point given no indication that he is concerned about that.

The election of a Republican to that seat is however the only alternative at this time.

If the above were to actually happen, it would be the governor of AL who would assign a replacement, unless opting for another ridiculous special election process.  US Senate leader Mitch McConnell appears ever so desperate to have ZERO chance of Moore in ‘his house’ willing to risk the addition of a Democrat to the roster as a preferred alternative.

If that doesn’t say volumes to the most casual of observers we should be surprised and disheartened.

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