He’s Just Disappeared!

This is re-posted from my campaign site.

I have had the ability to reach the current representative for the 104th district a little more than the average Joe.

But more than a few folks have said they cannot get him to respond. Leaving messages that are never returned, and expecting some kind of reporting on what is happening in Lansing or what he has been up to, to no avail.

One email I received says Representative Inman has “disappeared,” and that “I have no clue what he stands for, accomplished, or even heard from him in any local media.” and that he does not “bother to respond to my very infrequent input on certain issues which tells me they could care less.”

From others in the area, I had heard similar concerns. The “disappeared” description being repeated.

This video might not be the most professional high dollar production, but it provides the perspective that many share about their current representation.

Please be assured that I have always been, and will always be accessible, and listen to ALL perspectives. I’ll keep you informed, and I will sometimes even tell you the things you might not want to hear, but I will always make the best effort to be responsive and truly representative.

Thank you

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