Detroit On Track For Excellence?

Doubt it.

For the most part, I have to agree with Quisenberry.


Statement by MAPSA President Dan Quisenberry on Senate Passage of SB 710

LANSING, Michigan (March 22, 2016) – The Michigan Senate voted 21-16 today to pass SB 710, which reshapes the education landscape in Detroit. Below is a statement on that from Dan Quisenberry, president of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA), the state charter school association.

“This was a bad day for parents and students, as we missed an opportunity to improve the academic opportunities for families in Detroit. In its attempt to deal with the fiscal crisis facing Detroit Public Schools, the Senate went too far by voting to limit the right of parents to choose the best school for their children. The Senate legislation establishes a Detroit Education Commission (DEC) which will be a board – appointed solely by the mayor – that will have the power to open and close schools and make enrollment decisions that parents should be making for themselves. It takes educational choice away from parents and gives it to politicians, and should not have been included in this legislation.

“To improve student outcomes, we need new statewide standards, we need to act to hold poor-performing schools accountable, and we need to support parents making choices, not control them.”

And then there was this.


FYI ..(below)

The Michigan Association of Public School Academies advances quality education through choice and innovation. MAPSA has been the unified voice of the public charter school movement in Michigan since 1996. MAPSA represents more than 150,000 students, 10,000 teachers, dozens of authorizers and more than 50 education service providers working in 300 charter public schools in the state. MAPSA assists the state’s charter schools in their mission to deliver achievement, choice and accountability through advocacy, communications, technical assistance and professional development services. For additional information, please visit

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