No Worries – Common Core Will Automatically Place You!

Common core testing will find your life’s meaning.

Yup.  Rick Snyder has been traveling around touting the newest component in central planning; the “National Career Readiness Certificate”

Michigan: The automotive state launched a Department of Talent and Economic Development on March 16, with the aim of making the state a national leader in talent development for the skilled trades that are a crucial component of Michigan’s huge comparative advantage in automotive and other advanced manufacturing. “With the resurgence of the auto industry, what we’re gaining are R&D and engineering and design jobs,” Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder told CEO Briefing. “We’re leading the nation in career technical education. I don’t think a lot of CEOs know that. And CEOs’ biggest fear, in many cases, is not having enough skilled tradespeople.”

To go along with its creation of the talent department, Snyder also proposed a $30-million increase in state outlays on skilled-trades training for this year, up to $80 million and oversaw the launch of a program that brings the German industrial-apprenticeship model to the United States. He also noted that Michigan has more teams of youth involved in the FIRST Robotics competition than California and “added more teams last year than all other 49 states combined.”

Because people just cannot do anything themselves anymore.

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