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“You have already consumed your daily caloric intake of 2500.  Please report to the nearest State Dept of Excess for purging.”

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What?  You didn’t expect that your health choices would matter any longer?

By golly those house Dems and Republicans sure your bad choices don’t get worse under the free for all expansion of health care I guess. Body Mass Indexing is a believable end result of ‘state provided’ health insurance. By golly maybe my concerns have been answered? Jack McHugh notes the new “creepy” rules:

“Under the bill, enrollees would pay more unless they “demonstrate improved health outcomes or maintain healthy behaviors as identified in a risk assessment by their primary care practitioner.” Dr. Edison characterizes as “creepy” the requirement that doctors must track and report to the state whether their patients have met that standard.”

Regularly scheduled doctor visits to make sure you don’t bloat.OR .. Engage in other risky behavior; do drugs, drink, engage full promiscuity, same sex ..stuff, stare at the sun, hang glide, etc..


Can State Senate supporters of expanding medicaid still think its such a good idea?

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