Commenter Nails It

A found comment from an article/video where a member of the Irish parliament calls Obama a “war criminal” and a hypocrite.

Mark DeMillo · Top Commenter

I grew up a Democrat on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, back when the Democratic party represented the blue collar, family oriented working man and woman. The democratic party has been hi-jacked by liberals and socialists who are being lead blindly by a news media that is promoting its ultra liberal and socialistic agenda. I just wish people could take off their “political armbands” when it comes time to vote and take in all the facts before they vote their conscience. Read about Obama’s upbringing and what relations he’s made throughout his life and you will see his true view of what he wants America to be. When you inform yourself about who he really is maybe you’ll be surprised and think twice about his ultimate goals for this country.

Yup. Pretty much there you go.

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