Dinner With Sheriff Richard Mack

“Defending Our Constitution From Enemies Foreign and Domestic”

Thursday, April 11, 2013

At the

Eagle Eye Golf Club

15101 Chandler Road

 East Lansing, MI 48823

Doors Open At 5:30 PM Dinner at 6:30 PM

RVSP at the link below

http://www.clinton-countygop.org/content/2013-lincoln-day-dinner-sheriff-richard-mack www.clinton-gop.org

Constitutional Duty of the Sheriff | Last Line of Defense | Richard Mack (cspoa.org)
Constitutional Duty of the Sheriff | Last Line of Defense | Richard Mack (cspoa.org)
“In God We Trust”
– Please Join Us –“Defending Our Constitution From Enemies Foreign and Domestic”
With the advent of an excess of unconstitutional legislation coming out of Washington, such as the 2012 NDAA Acts indefinite detention provisions, HR347 making it illegal to protest in front of an elected official, the constitution free zone of which includes the entire State of Michigan and 100 miles inland from all US coastal waters, Obama Care, and the seemingly endless executive orders.  It has become apparent, through the direct attacks on the constitutional rule of law of our land; the Obama administration is trying to neutralize the only constitutional law enforcement office in our nation, by taking the arresting rights of the County Sheriffs away in 4 States as of to date, including Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  The county Sheriff has the constitutional authority to arrest any person or persons that violate constitutional rule of law, such as Federal Agents or even military officials working with any agency, State or Federal, that choose to violate constitutional rule of law through unconstitutional legislation that negates the common law of the constitution; thus, as the chief constitutional law enforcer in the country, the Sheriff can stand in direct opposition to any unconstitutional action taken!Sheriff Richard Mack is a true blue Patriot to our Country and to the return of those Founding Principles that made our country great.“God Bless America”Bill Sage

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