UAW worker Blasts Union Executives for Frivolous Lawsuits

union-conservativesA the beginning of the week, Terry Bowman, UAW member and founder of Union Conservatives, blasted union officials for the recent filing of a lawsuit through the ACLU.  The lawsuit claims that Michigan’s recent Freedom to Work law should be struck down for what they call a ‘violation of the Open Meetings act.’  The lawsuit is premised on the locked doors of the capitol when it reached capacity.  Bowman told the organization’s membership:

“Once again, the actions of Michigan’s union executives prove the need for the Freedom to Work protections recently passed for the benefit of union workers. Citing the Open Meetings act as the basis of a lawsuit to strike-down the protections just granted to union workers, proves that union officials continue to be out-of-touch with reality and the needs of their workers.  They are so desperate to retain their ability to force workers to pay them money as a condition of employment, that they are spending worker’s dues on ridiculous and embarrassing legal actions.”

Bowman, who was at the State Capitol in Lansing during the day in question, addressed the reasons for the police action and pointed out the obvious reasons for the lawsuit to be frivolous. :

“The necessary and heroic action by the police on that day was for the safety of everyone inside, and to protect the building structure itself from the continued destructive exploits by civilly disobedient protesters. Any objective person in Lansing that day knows that this lawsuit attempt by union executives and the ACLU is wasting workers dues money and taxpayer money as well.

The gallery and Capitol building were at their fire-code capacities, and the events in the legislative chambers were broadcast on Michigan Government Television.  Clearly, there was no attempt by legislators to keep people out.  By claiming that this represents a violation of the Open Meetings Act and the 1st Amendment, union executives and the ACLU show no respect for public safety, the Fire Officials Codes of Safety and the judgment of the police.”

“Apparently, union executives are demanding to have the ability to place their members into unsafe conditions to stop additional worker protections, and when their own lavish lifestyle and precious perks are in jeopardy. Perhaps union officials need to focus on their own attempt to deny workers their 1st amendment rights of Freedom of Association.”

“It truly is a sad and embarrassing day for all union workers in Michigan.”

Union Conservatives, Inc., is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, and has members in 34 states around the country.

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