Selling Affordability

By raising taxes government fees.

One of the things that has struck me as odd over the last few years, is how easily we allow our governments ‘sell’ their services by spending taxpayer dollars.  Usually something as inane as advertising that enlists more ‘customers’ for government’s unending slew of giveaways and welfare schemes, it can also be as ridiculous as raising the cost of living somewhere to advertise how cheap it is to live there.


From Cheboygan Confidential:

.. the county is busy implementing some of the proposed goals of the Cheboygan County Master Plan like “communicating the natural affordability of Cheboygan County”.  They did this by voting to raise building inspection and permit fees for the planning department.  Coupled with the changes in the building code, the average house will cost an extra $2000 to build.  Yes, nothing “communicates affordability” like raising fees.

No Kidding.


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