Reinventing Michigan: Michigan Works! Honors Job Makers, Workers Paired through “Demand-Driven Employment Strategy”

LANSING (January 24, 2012)—The Michigan Works! Association today celebrated recent hiring and employment successes achieved across Michigan through the “demand-driven employment strategy” laid out late last year by Governor Snyder.

The 2012 Alumni Celebration, an annual opportunity for state leaders to recognize the work of job makers and employees successfully paired by the Michigan Works! System, saw 25 honorees from across the state receive awards presented by their local lawmakers and state workforce development officials.

Capital Area Michigan Works!, the Lansing-area Michigan Works! Agency worked with Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital and William McMillan, one of today’s honorees, to fill a vacant position as a Certified Surgical Technologist and Center Care Specialist.  The health care industry is one of five identified by Governor Snyder as critical components in the reinvention of Michigan’s economy.

“It has been seamless process to work with the Michigan Works! System,” said Diane Robertson, Patient Care Manager at Orthopedic Surgical Services, Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital.  “Bill has done a wonderful job and it’s a pleasure to have him on our team.”

Said Luann Dunsford, Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Works! Association:  “The Michigan Works! System works each and every day to meet the workforce demands of our local employers.  By focusing on this new demand-driven employment strategy, we are connecting job makers with the skilled workers they need while preparing Michigan citizens for the 21st century jobs of tomorrow.”

Today’s celebration highlighted the achievements of local job makers and 25 individuals who displayed an ability to upgrade their skills and transition into new high demand occupations and industries including manufacturing, health care, information technology, criminal justice and more.

Companies and employees successfully paired through Michigan Works! and honored today include General Motors; Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital; Select Specialty Care; Jim Riehl’s Friendly Cadillac Honda; Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital; Riverside Medical Associates; Imaging Diagnostics; MicroMax Incorporated; Mears Service Center; Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services; Mel Trotter Ministries; Lakeland HealthCare; HealthSource Saginaw; the Laurels of Mt. Pleasant; Metro Health; Ventower; OSF Hospital; Pinkerton Governmental Services; Iron River Care Center; April Steel Processing; R-Tech Guys and more.

“Local Michigan Works! Agencies are working every day with Governor Snyder, Pure Michigan Talent Connect, the legislature and workforce development organizations across the state to create a talent pool and opportunities for Michigan to compete in the global economy,” Dunsford concluded.

Governor Snyder recognized the strength and importance of Michigan Works! One-Stop Service Centers during his recent special message on workforce development.  The Michigan Works! System has over 100 Service Centers in cities across Michigan, each open and available to every Michigan resident.  Each offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of local businesses and assist those seeking employment.

Employers and job seekers can find the Michigan Works! Service Center nearest their home by visiting or by calling (1 800) 285-WORKS (9675).

Established in 1987, the Michigan Works! Association fosters high-quality employment and training programs serving employers and workers by providing support activities and a forum for information exchange for Michigan’s workforce development system.  For more information, please visit

2 comments for “Reinventing Michigan: Michigan Works! Honors Job Makers, Workers Paired through “Demand-Driven Employment Strategy”

  1. Roug
    January 25, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Thankfully, Michigan Works! is there to do the job that no privately owned employment agency in the state can do.

  2. April 10, 2012 at 6:51 am

    I think this is a good idea. Its a pretty big win-win for all parties involved.

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