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Facts Mangled to Fabricate Case For Jailing two Bridge Tollers In DetroitMany of you might know I am opposed to a new international bridge crossing that has ANYTHING to do with our government, or its lackeys, in what amounts to an all out eminent domain battle.

There have been some serious abuses going on by our judiciary, and frankly I am concerned that somewhere in the mix is pay-off, pay-back, or a bizarre form of quid pro quo.  Something stinks to high heaven in Detroit.  A letter received today:

Fellow Michiganders,

As you know, 84 year old Matty Maroun and Dan Stamper of the Detroit International Bridge Company were thrown in jail by Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edward late last week, for alleged failure to comply with Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) requirements for DIBC’s “Gateway Project.”  The two men were released from jail over the weekend, but the mere fact they were put their in the first place should be a major concern for every one of us.

Former Michigan Speaker for the House Craig DeRoche said it well in his Detroit Free Press Op-Ed last Friday:
“Even untrained legal observers should be outraged that Moroun was imprisoned even though he wasn’t a party to this case (his company was), he was not given the chance to speak, defend himself or answer any charges in court. There were literally no documents or court proceedings or basis for the judge to pursue this perversion of justice or to waste tax dollars so flippantly.” http://www.freep.com/article/20120113/OPINION05/120113055?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150581745711049_21851688_10150582068206049

Keith Crain of Crain’s Detroit said:  “His jailing makes me very nervous for our democracy. The “state” and the courts can decide in a civil dispute to throw someone in jail indefinitely? I thought that was something left to totalitarian states around the world.”

Not only was the jailing for the DIBC Executives disturbing, but MDOT official have recently admitted those accusations against the bridge company we not even true.  “A Michigan DOT official concedes to TOLLROADSnews that the Detroit Free Press report is mistaken.  He agrees that the state is responsible for the missing ramp, not the bridge company as the Detroit Free Press falsely reports.”

Also, attached in this email is a map of the MDOT plans for the Gateway Project and DIBC’s construction as of 2011. It is very clear that the DIBC has completed their portion of the project on was waiting on MDOT to finish their portion.

In retrospect, it is hard to see the Judge’s decision as anything but politically motivated.  When you consider the Judge’s son, Prentis Edwards Jr., was recently appointed to the 36th District Court by Governor Snyder and the Governor’s recent talk about bypassing the legislature to pursue the NITC bridge, the picture becomes more clear.  Keep these facts in mind as you notice the Governor’s positioning on this bridge issue in the State-of-the-State tonight and in the upcoming weeks.

Educate yourselves on this.  The test is already happening.  How will you score?

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  1. January 18, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    More pure bullshit. I would say you are mangling the facts, but you are just outright lying. This is a pretty simple case. This has been an issue since the spring of 2009. The Bridge Company built a set of piers next to Fort Street that is part of a second bridge span. The structure takes part of Fort Street even though they have no permission to do so. The Bridge Company is also built a new duty free shop with a gas station that wipes out 23rd Street. It vacates the street without permission. That is in violation of the contract with the state, and it was proved in court. Now, Maroun has been used to doing whatever he wanted just by throwing money around, but he is starting to lose in court. To try and make the argument that “Moroun was imprisoned even though he wasn’t a party to this case” is just ridiculous. Somebody better check DeRoche’s blood-alcohol level, or better yet his bank account. He owns the company.

    It’s even more absurd to claim “he was not given the chance to speak, defend himself or answer any charges in court” when he has a small army of lawyers, and this has been in court for some time. In fact, Stamper was briefly jailed a year ago on Jan. 10, 2011 for again ignoring the judge’s order. Anyone with a brain knew this was coming and he more than had his day in court.

    After all the money spread around by the Maroun family to the Legislature to stop the much-needed NITC bridge, it’s laughable that you are trying to claim Prentis Edwards Jr., was appointed to the bench as political payback.

    Let me make this very clear because I know how dense you are: the Gateway project and the NITC project have nothing to do with each other. In fact, the Gateway project benefits the Ambassador and Maroun’s deep pockets.

    • JGillman
      January 18, 2012 at 5:52 pm

      Mr Happy go lucky as usual.

      Did you read the tollroad news piece?

      And frankly, Edwards Jr appointment should have caused Sr. to recuse himself without any consideration. The fact he did not is pretty compelling. Stupid at best.

      • January 18, 2012 at 9:38 pm

        Mr. void of facts as usual.

        Yes, I read the blog piece. Edwards, Jr.’s appointment has nothing to do with the Gateway project or the NITC project.

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