ICLEI in Michigan – Agenda 21

Recently, our county commission passed a “climate action plan.”  It could have been enough to call it an energy savings plan, but the additional 30 pages advocating the premise that the United States is taking advantage of the world by using more of its resources must have been innocuous enough to matter little to the climate change deniers on the board who still voted for it.

The ICLEI and Agenda 21 people could care less, as long as it passes.  The fact it passed, and advances the notion that climate change is real, is all that matters to those who would use such a crisis to take away our sovereign status as a free nation, and remove our individual property rights.

But how?

Because this country has a constitution that is designed to protect private property rights, the UN and its agenda 21 has not been able to get the federal government completely on board with certain planning initiatives.  Those plans include using global warming and climate change themes to advance private property rights destruction.  The language used towards these ends, containing group tested terms as “sustainability,” and “smart growth.”

These “positive” descriptives should not be so easily accepted.

Planning that restricts the use of one’s property beyond reason for the sake of stakeholders (a term for non property owners who want to decide what you do with your property)  is not at all smart.  It is not at all any more sustainable than when one manages the growth of their own vested interest.

In Michigan alone, the ICLEI at present still has these communities fooled into thinking they are doing the planet a favor with their participation in agenda 21.

  • Ann Arbor     MI
  • Dearborn     MI
  • Ferndale     MI
  • Flint     MI
  • Grand Rapids     MI
  • Traverse City     MI

The participation typically involves a subscription to software, which is used to assist the communities in determining its GHG emissions, and leveraging that in planning measures for centralization of communities, creating population “centers,” and fighting “urban sprawl.”

The term “urban sprawl” by the way, is another word set designed to advance the idea that humankind is like locusts on the face of the earth. It serves a dual purpose of guiding planning processes towards community centralization, and also provides a bit of cover for population limits, redistribution of wealth,  support of abortion, and child selection processes.

I should note that FEDERAL BLOCK GRANTS are being given as rewards to local communities to advance this agenda.  Although the congress would not directly support such an agenda directly, as it clearly violates the constitution, its actions in providing funds towards these ends should be seen as an abuse, and capitulation to globalist goals.

Agenda 21 is no joke.  Agenda 21 should not be taken lightly, and should be soundly repudiated in your community.

If your local community is mentioned above, request from your community leadership an explanation of WHY they are participating in a scheme that abrogates our natural rights of property ownership.  Call your congressman, and ask if they support block grants that reward climate change activities.

If they do, fire them.

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