Moore Money

The State Theater Showing Atlas Shrugged?

Can you imagine it?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the State Theater in Traverse City, perhaps I should explain.  Filmmaker and generally hypocritical windbag, Michael Moore could pretty much take credit for it’s revival in the last decade.  In between the pandering to his Trotskyite following masses with such wonderful movies as Farenhit 911 (purposefully misspelled), Sicko and Capitalism, Moore kicks back in lavish style on his waterfront property, calls a few lefty media chums in and makes an appearance or two in downtown Traverse City.

The typical cadre composed of Billionaire Madonna, Roseanne Barr, Moore himself, and a few wanna-be comedians.  The theater becomes his hang out, and all the cool kids wanna be a part of the gang.

And speaking of kids, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he is still trying to be one.  Moor earlier this year tried to reinvent himself as the “cool kid” by calling out teenagers to rebel (ala Egypt).  I pointed it out in February:

This is one of those things that arrived in the email, and as many stories that seem so absurd, it nearly made the trash can immediately.  Instead, I actually followed up and verified Michael Moore is attempting to engage school age children in a way that encourages their immature development to rise up and take to the streets, ala Egypt:

“We are, right now, living in an amazing moment of history. And this moment has happened because the youth around the world have decided they’ve had enough. Young people are in revolt — and it’s about time.

A real valuable asset to our community huh?

There are enough here who think he brings value because of the now annual film festival where he gets to highlight a few of his sociopathically socialist friends’ obscure documentaries, as well as a few movies otherwise available from the local Family Video for $0.50 per three days.

He profits by keeping his name in the public view in a community that apparently undervalues its beauty as a tourist draw, so he can sell more of his garbage by exploiting tragedy (Columbine), and presenting a populist worldview such as health care being better under communist dictatorships, even in the face of contradictory testimony by others. Never mind that medical statistical reporting is tightly controlled in a dictatorship.

He still was able to convince enough people with no common (money) sense that its worth the $8 a ticket to laugh at children dying, and to forget we have the best medicine on the face of the planet.  The best medicine by the way, made possible through what he practices best.

Selling what the people want.  Right?

And his movie attacking corporate cronyism with government earned him some of that Michigan film credit payola too!

So Michael Moore pushing the State Theater to a showing of Atlas Shrugged should not be all that far fetched an idea.  He would profit by taking money from the pockets of tea partying types, and people who might otherwise be left out from the narrow ideology presented through film presentations in Downtown Traverse City.

“Capitalism …  a love story” huh?  For Moore, capitalism is only loved as long as he is making money from it.


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