And On That Debt Limit

A friend and local activist Penny Misner has taken it upon herself to remind folks that our representatives need to be contacted.  Her letter to Michigan US congressman Bill Huizenga is to the point, and makes it very clear that we should not be willing to assume any more debt period.

Dear Rep. Huizenga,

I realize that you are the target of lobbyists and special interest groups and that they are  powerful entities with a very large ‘barrels of ink in their basements’ to spread their particular brand of propaganda throughout the media.

My reason for writing this, is to urge you to listen not to them, but to the conservative ‘small government’ constituents who voted you and the other ‘Tea Party’ (freshmen) congressmen into office.

We DO NOT want you to vote to raise the debt ceiling, no matter what variety of justification is presented to you.

We all know the arguments; default on America’s credit, raise the country’s interest rates, yadda-yadda … adnauseum!

PLEASE don’t cave on this and exhort your respective colleagues not to either!

Believe me, all of you have more support than you are aware of and I pray you will realize that in the long run, voter support is worth a hell’va lot more than a bunch of boot-licking lobbyists, no matter how much ‘power’ they proport to possess or how much money they promise to ‘donate’ to your ’causes’.

They ‘ain’t lookin’ out for you and they ‘ain’t lookin’ out for us.

We conservatives are not fools and are also not afraid of the consequences of our convictions.

Let em’  “huff n’ puff”, we’ve built a ‘brick’ houses. Have you?

Defeat this, then go on to fight to pass Rep. Ryan’s 2012 budget.

Her style is, of course, her own.
The point however is that unless our legislators receive input from us regularly, the voices of well paid suits might be all they hear.
Time to send a letter? (email or calls actually recommended – Snail mail has quarantine/time issues)

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