Tea Party Rally Tomorrow! 02-22-11

Southwest Michigan Patriots

Tea Party Rally

Lansing, Tuesday Feb. 22nd

From 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

State Capitol, West Side along Walnut St.

Dear Jason,

Most of probably are aware of what is happening in Madison, Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker is standing firm with the legislature to address the budget crisis.

Governor Walker is facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit, and he wants state workers to pay one-half of their pension costs and 12.6 percent of their health benefits. Currently, most state employees pay nothing for their pensions and virtually nothing for their health insurance.

Exempting police, fire, and state troopers, Governor Walker would end collective bargaining over pensions and benefits for the rest. Collective bargaining for wages would still be permitted, but there would be no wage hikes above the Consumer Price Index. Unions could still represent workers, but they could not force employees to pay dues. In exchange for this, Walker promises no furloughs for layoffs.

Government employee unions have been staging strikes, teachers have been calling in sick, schools are closed, and school children are being driven to the capitol by their teachers. Over 70,000 showed up on Saturday to rally for both sides. The rallies are spreading across America.

Below, is a notice from the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots inviting you to come to Lansing to rally in support of the taxpayers who want fiscal accountability. I am passing it along as it was written by Gene Clem, President of the SWMIPATS. Hope you can come.

Gadsden Flag

We will gather along Walnut on the West side of the Capitol.  There seems to be plenty of parking within 2 to 3 blocks to the West of that area.

Please check out this web site: Worker Solidarity

As you can see they are calling for rallies across the nation this week.  Folks, this is the start of the 2012 campaign.  In contrast to Tea Party rallies in support of the rule of law and the constitution and election of folks who would vote as we desired, these rallies are against the duly elected representatives of the folks who turned the nation red in November.   I’ll let you make up your own minds as to who may be behind that site….  “workers of the world?”….

We cannot let our elected government officials be intimidated by these ill informed people who will show up for these rallies.  We must let them see that ‘the folks’ are here to support them in the difficult decisions we sent them to Lansing, or Madison, or Springfield, or where ever to make.

As always, bring signs that are to the point; humor is usually the best way to make a point.  No personalities, no politics, we are about citizen control of our government.  Elections mean things.  “No more $140,000 per year bus drivers” or “I can’t afford my health insurance AND yours” or “Tea for two means you pay too”.  Come on, you can do better than that I am sure.

For those of you who live several hours from Lansing it means it will be an early morning road trip, but we need to show our support for spending cuts against those whose interest is in continued growth of government.  Dress warm, Lansing is a cold, cold place.

February 22nd is George Washington’s birthday; What Would George Do?  Make him proud of us.


Gene Clem

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