Alden Candidate Forum 105th District State House Ambitions

They say “when a butterfly half way round the world flutters its wings, a new candidate in Northern Michigan can win a position in Michigan State government. ”

Never mind who “they” might be, but rather try to understand that any one of what I view as highly qualified candidates could win in this five way race (sorry to the Dems.. I AM a little biased) based on the day’s events, temperature, or how bad/good the tigers are doing.

Its THAT close in my opinion.

Anyhow..  enjoy the 9 clips that make up this collection of intros and opinions of ALL 6 of the candidates who showed up to introduce themselves to the Helena TWP hall visitors.

Video is available in HD.

Please honor my request that video should be used in the proper context.  I reserve the right to request removal of the video presented here for any reason.

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