Michigan Republican candidates for governor.

??And the race is on…  The following Republicans have filed their petitions by yesterday’s deadline and are now seeking the Republican nod for November’s general election.

Mike Bouchard, Mike Cox, Tom George, Pete Hoekstra, and  Rick Snyder.

Two of them (Cox, and Hoekstra) are consistently on top in the polls, and recently Saul Anuzis, a veteran of Michigan Politics pointed out that Cox has the best chance of beating either Dillon or Bernero, who merely promise continuing Granholm policy.  Anuzis made his comments during an appearance on “Off the Record with Tim Skubick.”

“The guy to beat right now is Mike Cox,” said Anuzis.

Simple enough to understand.  The Cox team has put out a pretty compelling commercial as well:

Truth be told, the Hoekstra vote for the wall street bailout is a pretty big sin. While I really like Pete personally, even given his mea culpa on the issue, I would be wondering when the pressure is put on him by the looters, if he would cave here in Michigan as well. Anything can be ginned up as a crisis for the purposes of gaining support.

Cox has indeed demonstrated that he can stand on his own even in a “politically incorrect” way when he stood for equal opportunity in Michigan in 2006 for the MCRI. All the major politicos thought it was a third rail issue and bailed on their principles, Cox stood firm and was vindicated as being correct.

And now, he has fought this governor, because she is wrong, he is fighting the federal government because IT is wrong, and he is standing on principles that too many of our citizens have either forgotten or been taught out of.

Somehow, I think that is more important… and frankly, is what this state needs right now.

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  1. Anna
    May 13, 2010 at 7:27 am

    Can you tell me something Bouchard has done that isn’t conservative? My mom is worried because she can’t find anything she disagrees with Bouchard on. Neither can I. (You have to suspect people who seem to agree with you on everything.) 🙂
    Cox is a different story.. For example:
    “Educating our children is one of the most important functions of state government.” http://mikecox2010.com/the_plan/kindergarten-through-12th-grade/
    ABSOLUTELY WRONG! What is the difference between the government running health care and the government controlling the education of our children? The government controlling education is one of the biggest problems with our country! The liberals know that one of the easiest ways to take away our freedom is to drill into our kids (our future voters) that bigger government is better.
    Okay.. I’m just making myself angry. I should stop.

    • jgillman
      May 13, 2010 at 8:25 am

      Bouchard is actually a decent administrator, is conservative, and a nice guy. I might even disagree with him on some issues, (as I do with all of them) but they aren’t ones which stand out in memory so I can recall them immediately.

      That’s part of the problem.

      He would have trouble in the general election. Forgettable, has no real state wide organization, and does not have any focused efforts that anyone can think of. He lost against Debbie Stabenow. Debbie Freaky Stabenow, the one who now “feels” climate change when she flies.

      I’m not sure if it is because he is not exciting or what, but even the (in my view) tactically brilliant move by Terri Lynn Land didn’t generate but merely a small nudge in the elect-me meter.

      So, for those of us who watch issues and look at elections as more than the popularity contests they actually are, we have to be real.

      In this case, the two top choices wind up being Cox and Hoekstra. THEY are the electable ones with solid state wide organizations. Then we must work from there and look at the issues which they stand on.

      Partial Agree on the School thing BTW.. But you will not find a candidate who can elaborate well enough why it is a problem. As a STATE function it is OK, but we need to eliminate the public sector unions from the process, and the federal needs to be removed ASAP, as it is a STATE issue only.

  2. Anna
    May 14, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Wasn’t John Mcain supposed to be the “electable one”? I’d rather vote on principals than electability.
    Besides, couldn’t Bouchard become better known if people get the word out? We could all spread the news that there is a REAL conservative to vote for. To quote a soup commercial: Why settle when you can select?

    • jgillman
      May 14, 2010 at 3:02 pm

      I wouldn’t say this has any comparison to McCain. At least personally, my decision is based on a number of factors INCLUDING the electability. That isn’t my decider however. Ultimately when I weighed out the Ups and Downs, (as we all do eventually) the up turned out to be Cox. And a heavy part of the ups, was the fact he can stand for something even when everyone is telling him (political experts anyhow) he is hurting his chances for re-election by doing so.

      We have three Republicans running. Mike, Mike, and Pete. Pete goofed, and tarnished his conservative cred. Mike B. has good cred (though there is something nagging at me that he said and I cant recall what it is..) but is weak against Dillon or even Bernero once the union thugs get involved. He couldn’t beat the dumbest senator to ever have existed; Debbie Stabenow. That is an issue that must be noted if we want to see any return to normalcy in Lansing.

      I will tell you this… I want all three of hem to run solid issues based campaigns though. My only concern will be a split that leaves the door open for the truest RINO, Snyder.

  3. Beanerml
    May 21, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Lets elect who we believe in!! I went to see the debate between these threea few weeks ago with absolutely no favorite prior to the debate
    …I’m totally sold on Bouchard he’s solid,was majority leader in Mi st congress, a business person and sheriff… andI now think Cox is slimy!! Hoestra seems like a nice guy but his voting record isn’t great I’m going with my gut..Bouchard FOR GOVENOR remember the GOP didn’t back Rand Paul and he won by a landslide!!

    • jgillman
      May 21, 2010 at 7:24 am

      You like Rand? Good.. Consider this little tidbit that I was trying to remember…

      Mike Bouchard took the expedient route in 2006 and opposed the MCRI. He lost as horribly as Devos, except HIS loss was to Debbie Stabenow. He didnt stand on principle, or frankly he had the wrong one in that case. Rand Paul would support the MCRI, and would also take the perceived unpopular stand if it met with constitutional premise.

      As to thinking Cox is “slimy”.. Why? because of those “slimy” commercials? Cox could not prosecute a case beyond evidence that allows it to be prosecuted. No commercial paid for by Rick Snyder’s supporters will change that.

      There is a reason that Cox polls out the best in the general. Its because most on both sides know that he will do what is right and appropriate. Also, we know he would follow up with the health care lawsuit he has started with nearly 20 other states as an executive office move.

      Rand won because he has principle. He is solid and can be expected to hold up to his rhetoric. I believe the same can be said for Mike Cox.

  4. Anna
    May 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    What is MCRI?

  5. jgillman
    May 21, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    MCRI was the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative started by Jen Gratz in 2006. It passed easily in 80 out of 83 counties that year. Mike Cox took a stand early on in support of Gratz and the MCRI because he felt it was the right thing to do based on his convictions.

    The core belief that no person should receive any particular benefit from the color of his or her skin. Actually not too hard a choice.

    Funny however, that the Michigan Republican party pretty much en toto sided with the likes of Dingle and others calling the MCRI wrong and misguided.

    Cox held his ground, on principle, and he was a winner by a large margin similar to that of the MCRI success in an otherwise bad year for Republicans. Principle did indeed win.

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