Michigan Republican candidates for governor.

??And the race is on…  The following Republicans have filed their petitions by yesterday’s deadline and are now seeking the Republican nod for November’s general election.

Mike Bouchard, Mike Cox, Tom George, Pete Hoekstra, and  Rick Snyder.

Two of them (Cox, and Hoekstra) are consistently on top in the polls, and recently Saul Anuzis, a veteran of Michigan Politics pointed out that Cox has the best chance of beating either Dillon or Bernero, who merely promise continuing Granholm policy.  Anuzis made his comments during an appearance on “Off the Record with Tim Skubick.”

“The guy to beat right now is Mike Cox,” said Anuzis.

Simple enough to understand.  The Cox team has put out a pretty compelling commercial as well:

Truth be told, the Hoekstra vote for the wall street bailout is a pretty big sin. While I really like Pete personally, even given his mea culpa on the issue, I would be wondering when the pressure is put on him by the looters, if he would cave here in Michigan as well. Anything can be ginned up as a crisis for the purposes of gaining support.

Cox has indeed demonstrated that he can stand on his own even in a “politically incorrect” way when he stood for equal opportunity in Michigan in 2006 for the MCRI. All the major politicos thought it was a third rail issue and bailed on their principles, Cox stood firm and was vindicated as being correct.

And now, he has fought this governor, because she is wrong, he is fighting the federal government because IT is wrong, and he is standing on principles that too many of our citizens have either forgotten or been taught out of.

Somehow, I think that is more important… and frankly, is what this state needs right now.

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