Hillsdale Tea Party Rally May 11, 2010 -Cancelled

Hillsdale (rally) – Hillsdale Tea Party! at the Dawn Theatre

When:  Tue, May 11, 4:45pm – 7:30pm
Where:   110 N Broad St, Hillsdale, MI 49242

This event is lighter, brighter and includes live music! over an improved PA system.
Doors Open at 4:45 PM with a video collage. 5:15 PM – Band music 5:30 PM – Welcome Jeff Horton Pledge of Allegiance National Anthem Rev. Brian Nutter: Invocation Presentations: • Jeff Horton: Antonio Gramschi / Institutions • Mary Buerger: Energizing Tea Partiers • (7th Inning stretch) Great to be an American, My Country ‘tis of Thee? • Dr. Ivan Pongracic, Hillsdale College • Questions for Dr. Pongracic Closing comments and announcements: Gloria Vear • The ABC’s of getting active • “God Bless America” End of formal meeting 7:30 PM

Mission Statement: The Hillsdale Tea Party is a movement of volunteer citizens to make a stand for a non-intrusive government which promotes conservative fiscal policy and a return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This requires the people to awaken, become informed and active citizens in order to elect quality representation and to replace those leaders who have put this country in jeopardy. We are about principle, not parties.   (join us – pass it on!)

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