Deception brought to an art form by Michigan Democrats

I really don’t like to tag all Democrats with this type of statement, so let me preface this article by pointing out that it has been Democrat LEADERSHIP that has show such propensity to lie, obfuscate, and camouflage it’s intent to deceive the public. – this has been cross posted from

How incredibly funny it is that the very same progressive movement which downplayed the tea party movement as marginal. The Democrats are trying to field a “tea Party” in Michigan with the petition gathering to create this new political organization.

Chetly Zarko first brought this information to light today. Zarko’s investigation suggests it might be an attempt by progressives to tie up the actual “tea Party” name in a way that limits its use by activists who have successfully gathered to address issues in government. That it could be stolen as a trademark:

“The petition claims to seek access to the ballot for an entirely new party – the “Tea Party”, although when Zarko Research interviewed known organizers of the Tea Party they all knew nothing about it. When shown copies of the petition, Wendy Day of Howell, Michigan, organizer of Common Sense in Michigan considered one of the lead Tea Party protest organizers in the state, told us that the Tea Party as she has known it has never sought official access to the ballot and works to create an environment where both of the existing parties work for reform and limiting governmental intrusion into the lives of individual citizens. Day condemned this effort and stated it was an effort to dilute the impact of the current Tea Party – she argued this was evidence that forces opposing reform were taking the Tea Party seriously – so seriously that indeed they are trying to steal its trademark and hijack it. “

More than likely, it is an attempt to fragment what is seen as a lightly bound (though large)group of individuals who have now decided to speak up to the unconstitutional nature of our current representatives.

Now there is more..

Zarko posted a follow up which confirms at least through some technical connections the intent of the petition. Progressive Campaigns Inc., is the operation hired to fill those petitions. Some might recall it was the firm hired by Mark Brewer and the Michigan Democrat Party for the RMGN campaign which though getting sufficient signatures, was disqualified through technicalities that stemmed from the nearly complete constitutional rewrite it was designed to do.

They tried to fool Michigan then, and almost got away with it. The RMGN campaign was merely an attempt to solidify Democrat power as they knew the upcoming 2010 cycle would result in heavy democrat casualties.

Now they are trying to do it again.

This type of activity is SOP for the Michigan Democrat party, which lacks any real substance and realizes its platform is a guaranteed loser politically. Even though they ridiculed tea partiers as fringe, and laughed openly at the nerve of those who would stand up to a government gone mad (a mostly Democrat run government) they secretly feared what it would become; a motivating force that would throw progressive inroads back decades if not stopped.

Michigan Democrats FEAR the tea party. The Unions FEAR the tea party. And progressives such as Soros understand the loss of Michigan, the template of progressive solutions, to conservatives in a backlash spurred on by tea party activity will be a generational defeat.

This is desperation, but it is not without peril for those of us who are conservative.

Do not be fooled, and advise those who approached with this petition to form a new party, to politely pass. These are NOT our friends.

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