The Sad Little Minds On The Left

Creativity is often confused with correctness.

I am sure if I were so inclined, I could come up with a couple dozen different means of destroying the collective efforts of any leftist organization.  I am not talking about straight forward dissent, and disagreement, coupled with education and reason-ability, but rather deceptive and underhanded methods that carry the stink of a rotting and failed philosophy and understanding of human relationships.

But I don’t work that way.  Neither do my closest friends, those truest patriotic Americans who have offered a disagreement very openly and in clear view to the way in which this country has been run.  We operate on a foundation of truth, with the belief that some things do in fact “speak for themselves.”

Its why I post with my own name, (Jason Gillman SR.  if you cannot guess from the many postings) and NEVER make a comment anywhere under an anonymous.  I believe in what I say, write, or opine verbally, and will not allow the fact my name is tied to something, to discourage owning up to the mistakes I make in the process.  Truly then, I will admit up front when wrong.

The recent publicity surrounding potential infiltrations by fake Tea Party attendees in an attempt to cast a pall on the movement en toto, drives home a point that I have made several times in the past on these pages.  The left cannot develop a message that is moral enough or strong enough to carry the weight of its aspirations morally.  They cannot present any plan that will work as advertised, they often exaggerate benefits while ignoring negative aspects, and they cannot even stand being in their own skin very much, so they must offer to dirty ours so they look more reasonable by comparison.

The latest effort to smear Tea Partiers involves self-appointed agents provocateurs who are organizing a “Crash the Tea Party” campaign to discredit the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party by making up bogus racist signs and providing false portrayals of grassroots activists to the press. An online punk, Jason Levin, is spearheading the infiltration effort to “act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities” and “damage the public’s opinion of them.” Never mind that public opinion polls now show that the majority of Americans stand with the core principles of fiscal responsibility espoused by Tea Party activists.

Levin may be a lone wolf operator, but he has many fellow travelers in the Democratic establishment and left-wing fever swamps. And their efforts wouldn’t be possible without friendlies in the press who have openly insulted Tea Party activists with endless vulgar sexual taunts and Taliban comparisons.

So why would Jason Levin admit to having 65 or 66 tea parties targeted with his “organization?” Why would he lay out the plan so obviously, that anyone who has a modicum of curiosity could understand its the LEFT who are the offenders at such events?

Because he thinks Americans are stupid.  He thinks the great unwashed, under educated, home grown patriots who are standing up for their rights are morons.

Given the far left associations I am sure he has, maybe the explanation has more to do with the people who share his philosophy.  Perhaps in a world where logic cannot support the presuppositions of his liberal angst, he sees little room for reasonable thought.  In that place where spending equals saving, more taxes equal more jobs, and compassion is the fist of government removing the product of one to feed another, we would see a truly bizzarro enterprise of thought, that only the leftist can understand.

Perhaps we are not smart enough to realize those “truths.”  And thus his opinion is born.

He is not completely original in his deceptive hopes however.  I have seen his type before, and posted a picture of such an infiltrator:

There were not as many signs at this event as I have seen at others, and for the first time, even I forgot to bring mine. There was ONE sign that was not particularly acceptable in my view, and some others at the event. WrongThe sign which essentially declares “I got mine, to hell with you, is not at all representative of what the tea party folks feel. The only thing I could surmise as his reason for being there, was that he was a “plant” designed to make it look like we were “cold hearted, unfeeling selfish right wingers.” His sign is more representative of the message the LEFT is trying to portray us as in a trial of the conservative movement’s refusal of further intrusions by bloated bureaucracies.

As politely as possible, I challenged him on this.. I asked him “are you a plant?” He wouldn’t answer directly but kept saying “I work for a living, shouldn’t everyone?” but not in a way that demonstrated a confidence of his stated position. It was as if he was forcing out the words. I explained that his sign was inappropriate. I told him that its not the message we are trying to send at all, that on that topic, we DO CARE about what happens to folks, but that government continues to make it more difficult for individuals and business to secure and provide the health care opportunities. He got the picture, and after 10 minutes he left.

I opined in THAT article that I wasn’t sure if he was a plant, but given the recent events and continuing underhanded methods used to deceive the general population.. it becomes pretty clear.

Very Clear..

I wouldn’t go so far as to pity the small minds on the left who have it all backwards, but I truly think it is sad that we have to witness the pitiful state of their social retardation expounded by a real creativity in the process of our righteous fight to retain our liberties.


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