Granholm Would Prefer Communism..

I called it out here and in other places prior to the election of 2008, that the man who would be president Barack Obama, is at the very least socialist, but in fact Marxist with a left Liberal Fascist mindset. He would be called at any other time in the last century a communist.  In his own words, Obama has viewed the constitution as an obstacle to the change he wants.

In her objection to Attorney general Mike Cox’s fight for our rights with regard to the constitution and the bill recently signed by the US congress, Our governor Jennifer Granholm shows she indeed supports his work, the work of the present congress and the general ideals of Socialism and Communism. Below is an example of what Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm envisions for this state’s citizens.

And if you think I am exaggerating…

Remember that she doesn’t understand even the most basic tenets of free speech.

Liberal fascist ideals have no room for the protections afforded by our founding documents, or for the blood spilt by the patriots who gave them to us.  Free speech as traitorous, and an elected voice of the people should not be allowed to defend our position?  She has actually enlisted the enemy (not her’s mind you) to put an end to the lawsuits that are happening on the people’s behalf:

Governors from Michigan, Colorado, Washington and Pennsylvania have written to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, saying they will work to support health care reform and keep it in place. In her weekly radio address, Granholm says the Healthcare Reform bill will touch everyone’s life eventually, and for the better.

No Guv..  you haven’t gotten ANYTHING right in the last 8 years.  Nothing.  And if the video above is any indicator of what our future will be, we cannot allow you to have any more of your plans “touch” anyone’s life.. anymore.


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