Recalls and such

Asking the voters to consider removing an office holder before their term is up can be a daunting task.  A recall campaign is nothing but negative, requires a high standard simply to get placed on a ballot, and sometimes can be more divisive than simple partisanship within a community.  But there are times when the harshness is called for.. Indeed the following reasons could be found in your community.. this time its Gross Pointe Shores:

“Consider the following 10 strong other reasons to vote to recall the incumbents this May. Click the on blue hyperlinks for the facts:

  • Financial mismanagement, deficit spending and lack of long term planning is driving our city toward bankruptcy. Unreserved general fund balance fund down from $410,000 in March 2007 to current value of negative $210,000. Review the article “Seeing Red”.
  • Promise that well revenue would fully fund marina upgrade was made contrary to advice from Shores own consultants. See the source document.
  • Shores spent taxpayer dollars to prevent citizen access to public salary information before the council and charter election: See the FOIA request and Clark Hill legal bill.
  • Shores employees serve on committees that approve unsustainable salaries & benefits. Look at the annual rise in pension costs during the Cooper tenure.
  • The incumbent’s hostile attitude toward newly elected council members and many residents: watch the Shores video clips and see for yourself.
  • Dr Robert Lee, the sponsor of that recall has succeeded in garnering the votes needed, and has kept us informed through the site, as well as promoting his own

    Ultimately, the best way to put an office holder in or out of his or her job, is to elect and then un-elect when their term has expired.  Recalls are certainly not the preferred method of firing for bad or incompetent performance.  However, an occasional need arises and the hard work of a dedicated group of individuals can give a community a chance to end the pain of bad leadership a little earlier.

    Sometimes they need help.  Join the posse.

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    1. January 28, 2010 at 2:02 pm

      I have been in contact with Dr. Lee since the recall began. He has done a masterful job. He certainly has a just cause. I have seen the contempt which the mayor and some council people have when the residents speak at the council meetings.

      I am particularly facinated at the salaries these people are making while they are running a deficet in the city. If anyone is interested in appealing their property assessment, I hope they will attend one of the seminars Michigan Taxpayers Allience and the Wayne County Taxpayers Association have scheduled across the state. Click on the pink house at . I hope we see you at one of them.

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