MI Fair Tax President Speaks Out.

Political Establishment is Out of Touch – Roger Buchholtz

Scott Brown’s Massachusetts victory demonstrates the disconnect between voters and the Republican and Democratic Party establishment that has been in evidence for some time now.  That view was validated in two December 2009 polls:

  • Wall Street Journal/NBC – In a 3-way race between Republicans, Democrats and Teaparty:
Teaparty – 41%
Democrats – 35%
Republicans – 28%

A January 4, 2010 Rasmussen poll found that 43% of the public believe that most congressional members are corrupt, while 32% believe they are not, with 25% undecided. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/congressional_performance

On January 6, Rasmussen released poll results showing only 32% of likely voters nationwide are even somewhat convinced that their elected representatives have their best interests in mind.  The electorate is highly skeptical of incumbents. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/january_2010/32_confident_congress_represents_their_best_interests

A national Teaparty website, called the Contract From America, asks visitors to vote on which public policy issues they consider the most important.  The national FairTax is currently in the #1 position, with twice the votes of term limits, balanced budget amendment, drill here/drill now and thirty other issues which are on the list.  No other tax reform proposal even made the list.  At the Michigan Tea Party Convention held in Holt last spring the MI FairTax was the runaway winner as the #1 issue of importance in Michigan.  http://www.contractfromamerica.com/Idea.aspx

Politico is now reporting that 2009 will probably represent still another record breaking year for lobbying revenues, in spite of the current difficult economy.  This buying and selling of votes for tax and other favors has so corrupted our representative form of government that many legislators no longer listen to their constituents. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1209/30882.html

The above information can be very useful to candidates in upcoming elections but most are just learning of these recent polls and the Contract From America.  For example, few candidates are aware that the FairTax/MI FairTax is the #1 issue for the millions of very politically active Teaparty members.  These surveys show candidates that they likely have a better chance of winning by choosing to run on issues of importance to constituents, and truly representing constituents, rather than running as establishment Party members, regardless of their party affiliation.

Currently no political party advocates the FairTax or encourages their candidates to run on it, often saying that it is too difficult to explain (that the public is not capable of understanding it).  The Teaparty votes placing the FairTax at the top of its issues list dispels the claim that the public can’t comprehend the FairTax.  A more likely reason is that the buying and selling of tax favors (which accounts for half of all lobby money going to the political establishment) is eliminated by the FairTax/MI FairTax.

Defining who candidates are and in what manner they will represent constituents can best be predicted by whether they run as an establishment Party candidate or as a representative of the people. For more information visit www.mifairtax.org

Roger Buchholtz President

Michigan FairTax Association

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