Not Such A Good Idea I Think…

A couple of Decades ago, a man was shot in Traverse City, Michigan while being an overnight attendant at a local Gas station.  The culprits were caught and prosecuted.  But not before a friend of the victim attempted to gain entry to the jail to “see” the shooter, failed to do so, then Killed himself in a state of grief and feeling of being so out of control.  One man’s death in a most unexpected way caused another’s tragic end.  The emotions driving THAT event now may well be played out 3000 times over.

Michelle Malkin’s “bombshell” article opines:

If this White House thought Tea Party activists were an “angry mob,” wait until they see the backlash from 9/11 family members and their supporters nationwide. We’re not going to sit down and shut up about the reckless, security-undermining Obama 9/10 agenda and conflict-of-interest-ridden AG Eric Holder.

How true..

Considering that the entire city itself is not unlikely to have forgotten such an attack, or the 2996 folks who died in the towers in 2001, its pure folly.  Add to this the firefighters, and 2 wars claiming additional American lives, it raises the following question:

Is Eric Holder completely off his Effing NUT?

The cost to adequately provide security during such an affair as a civilian court trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for his plotting the events that transpired 911, 2001 is in itself going to take a chunk of the stimulus.

All of this for Obama to prove a point..


2 comments for “Not Such A Good Idea I Think…

  1. Dave B
    November 14, 2009 at 5:45 am

    Holder IS off his “effing” nut, he’s anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-law enforcement, anti-average every day citizen that pay his salary. He’s pro-anything that is far left wing and/or makes us all feel like a bunch of bad people that need to be apologized for, and must be corrected by elitist people that know much more than us unclean masses. Us “cowards” who questioned why he doesn’t see a problem with Black Panthers intimidating VOTERS or other race-related issues that he has ignored are now openly questioning why he made this decision. We “dummies” want to know how it is possible that only a “select few” terrorists qualify because “they have rights as unlawful combatants”, yet the rest don’t. I know we’re cowardly and stupid but that doesn’t make sense. Actually it does make sense if one were a person in a powerful position that saw an opportunity to bring America and its citizens to its knees, embarass us, make political statements about waterboarding and the past Administration to divert attention to the socialist redistribution of wealth and government takeover of our liberties that is currently going on. Holder and Obama are “pie in the sky” idealogues that are weak, stupid, have no common sense as it appllies to everyone outside their limited circles, and will ultimately get American citizens killed or hurt needlessly. This is a disgrace and a travesty.

  2. Randy Robinson
    December 1, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    This administration needs a wake-up call ,,, and if they hold the trials in NY for the 9/11 bombings.. I hope they get a real wake up call. I stand behind the victims and back them all the way.

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