Socialized Medicine Anyone?

The ongoing debate and planning by the leftists in power is hardly whether they will be  taking over the health care in this country but rather to what extent.  Michigan Senators, Stabenow and Levin are certainly going to support any measure put forward by the Finance committee of which Stabenow is a member.

Today they expect to have SOMETHING done.  Just wonderful.

While we wait for another example of control by our would be masters in Washington, perhaps we should look at the fine examples HISTORY has provided for us in another country.  A Country I might add, that is quite close to our way of life in many ways, with similar values, but has taken an early lead in destroying the very service it was trying to expand to all.   Canada.

The Mackinac Center for public policy has published a series of videos documenting the Canadian health care model.  The first in this series below.

Canadians are again and again proven to be the most virtuous of all.. well if you buy the “patience is a virtue” thing..

The second video in the series discusses the benefits of “medical vacations” where when waiting is just NOT an option, Canadians take their economies on the road and head to “non-socialized” places such as the United States.

The Third Video discusses how its the QUANTITY, not the QUALITY of care that moves doctors in Canada..

The Mackinac center has promised a number of other Videos in this series, but the time is NOW to contact our legislators.

Any move that brings us closer to the raging failure that socialized medicine has brought about in more “progressive” countries should be fought tooth and nail. I have personally sent a One word mail to Stabenow recently that sums up whether or not we need to be fiddling with a process that is both incredibly personal, and highly susceptible to damage by government interference.

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