My Vehicle was robbed last night… this morning

This may be “common” for some folks, but being woke up at quarter to 5 in the morning because someone broke into your car out front is not a pleasant sunshiny mode of awakening.  I have them on camera.. (I sell this stuff.. so why wouldn’t I?) and hopefully the quality is enough to nail them, but it still irritates the hell out of me.

The ONE night I forget to lock my doors..

Offer a notch, a weakness in security, an opportunity, and as sure as death and Michigan tax increases the bad guys will take it..

I could whine about it, but it is a learning experience..

1. The dispatcher who called to let me know the deputy was at the door proved it IS POSSIBLE to be bright and cheery at 4-5AM.

2. It is time to upgrade (which will happen today) my camera system.  Though it has enough to help nail the thieves, it could be improved.

3.  I wasn’t the only one.. the neighborhood was hit in a minimum of two other locations.  One of those I am aware (for reasons I should not disclose at this time) indicates to me that this is not the work of a single person or group.  It appears we have become a part of a “route” which suggests some organization.

Hopefully this is not an ongoing situation, but by the end of the day, I will have a means in which to read the license plate of EVERY car that passes on my street, as well as a higher definition recording.

I would have hoped not to be an example of why a security related business like my own exists, but as things go, I have little control over the decisions of other less responsible persons.  Its almost as bad as dealing with our congress.

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