Ignorance Does Not Death Excuse.

For nearly 50 years the country has endured the pain of woeful legislative activity driven by a man who would have been little if nothing but for his brother, John F Kennedy. Using a platform generously provided by a man who himself believed in lower taxes and allowing economic forces to work more naturally, Edward Kennedy advocated the obfuscation of the rights of business owners, and individuals in the name of “fairness” and “equality.”

I could certainly have left this unsaid, but as I begin to see the litany of eulogic fatuousness, I also see it will certainly lack the flavor of the truth in his life. I respect Michelle Malkin’s position on this, and will remain somewhat respectful, but my opinions are not swayed by sympathy for a hypocrite who while receiving the finest care on earth, argued we change a system that produced it, yet with an exception for his “caste.”

It may be another century before we can fully rid ourselves of the scourge this thinking has unleashed on us all. I grieve not at his passing. Rather I grieve for the demise of individual liberties which have slowly been eroded away by the policies this man helped craft and enact in his tenure. I Grieve for the unabashed constitutional dismantling by forces which hold a government controlled by a classic reward system as more important than our constitutional republic. I grieve for a nation which through a systematic parsing of legal terms and understanding has found judges ignorant enough to allow the constitutional limits on government’s overbearing hand to pass quietly into the night.

I grieve for family members of Senator Kennedy who bear the loss of a loved one as all of us eventually do. I pray for their strength, and peace of mind.

But I do not grieve the loss of Edward Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate,” a man who had not a cursory understanding of true rights when insisting the “health care” falls under those protections. I cannot feel a loss for the passing of a leader whom never understood that a government that to give to one, must first take away from another.. which is WRONG, and always will be.

Ignorance does not death excuse. RIP.

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  1. August 27, 2009 at 7:35 am

    You, like that twit Malkin, have zero class, and that’s even ignoring the outrageous lies. It’s disgusting that a woman like her who only gets noticed by saying the most outrageous and stupid crap has the gall to criticize a great man like the late Senator Kenney. Absolutely no class.

    • jgillman
      August 27, 2009 at 7:42 am

      Actually she has said nothing disrespectful in this circumstance, but your emotional tirade is typical of a lack of reasonable thought. I preface my arguments on my philosophical difference with the “liberal Lion.” But since you seem to want the red meat.. Should I say “Hello Mary Jo,” or “Lets call Russia because I disagree with Reagan.. ” You want class? You wont find it anywhere near what this man has done.

  2. August 27, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Amazing . . . the lionization of Senator Edward Kennedy, who came from a family of liars, cheaters and theives to work in a Senate of many of similar ilk.

    As a Senator who sponsored over 2,500 pieces of legislation only to see less than 10% ever enacted into law, he would get a failing grade by any normal standard. The legislation he was able to get passed neither aided the poor in getting out of their plight, nor reduced their numbers.

    The Senator was a boozer and womanizer who had no respect for women at all, and was widely known in D.C. for his motto: “A Blonde in every Pond.”

    Leave it to the failures and crooks in the Senate to lionize him as their leader and mentor. I expected nothing less. From a group with the lowest standards possible, a leader who reflected their inability to ever achieve true greatness, even though the potential for greatness was handed to him at birth. RIP

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