TC to DC Bus update (Bus Information)

The bus is full.

I am approving comments now instead of replying personally, as I cannot any longer keep up with them all.

I have to believe now, that there will be likely over 10,000 people traveling to Washington DC FROM MICHIGAN ALONE for the 912 Rally.  The response and rider requests came a little slow at first, but in the last week I have been inundated.  Though I have had a couple of changes to riders because of their scheduling conflicts, the vacancies have been filled immediately with those on standby.

Where does this leave the remaining folks who wish to go, yet do not want to  drive by themselves?  Two primary Possibilities..

1. Someone else might want to get a bus to do an overnight run.  I can pass on limited contact information.

2. Borrow an SUV, and grab 4-5 of your best friends and just GO and share driving responsibilities.

Hotel planning was one of the biggest parts of this, and thanks to Tom in KZOO, we were able to secure a block of 30 rooms that is now gone..  The hotel has been particularly gracious however, and has extended beyond its agreed terms the same deals to all who have reserved for the two nights we will be there.  My guess is they would welcome more Michigan Patriots similarly.

I would have set up a second bus if the interest would have been this great 2 weeks ago, but between the business, writing, research, our town hall, other rallies, and lunch… I just don’t have any more energy. ;o)

God bless those of you who have realized how important it is to have our voices heard at this critical juncture in American History.  My hope is that irreversible damage has not already occurred, and that our currently elected majority leadership is willing to Mea Culpa.

Michiganders, true Patriots, and the back bone of the industrial strength of this country WILL persevere.

—— UPDATE! ——-

There is a bus looking for passengers that will do a pick up in Toledo.  Use the link in top left if you want to pick up at that point, and I will pass your info along.  They will be originating in South Bend.

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