Gary Peters Town Hall Tomorrow.

Congressman Gary Peters (D-MI09) is planning a townhall meeting inclusive of healthcare on Tuesday, September 1st. from 6-8 PM at West Bloomfield High School, 4925 Orchard Lake Road (between Walnut Lake Road & Lone Pine Road) in West Bloomfield.  No tickets are required according to his office.

Please contact family/friends who are united against a federal takeover of your healthcare options/rights. Please forward this information to your lists, too.

Arrival time:  5 PM, or even before if possible— please come when you are available.

Signage will not be permitted inside the auditorium.  Those who are turned away because of lack of room will be encouraged to join us for a protest rally outside with your signs in the parking lot against the unconstitutional Obama-Pelosi-Democrat healthcare takeover.  Brings signs & leave in car in case you cannot enter the townhall so that your voice can be heard outside at the massive protest being planned.

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