When The 4th Of July Comittee Doesn't Get It Either..

If “The Other Club” isn’t on your reading list, make it so.

Hershblogger seems to discover a number of WTF incidents.  You know W.T.F., as in “Why They FAIL,” when leadership tries to do what they might think is right, but consistently prove inability to manage the thinking processes needed for dressing in the morning, much less form or shape public policy.

He discovered this GEM:

In Rhode Island the Bristol Fourth of July Committee, members found here, has banned the Rhode Island Tea Party folks from the Bristol Independence Day parade – forever.

Because they DARED to distribute  literature that [shudder] speaks of revolution!  Of course it wasn’t a desired revolution they were planning, but one that happened a few more years back that.. uh.. created the United States. (Passing out the Declaration)

Amazing.. even the governor thinks the committee is populated by weasels.. maybe not in those words, but Ill bet he told his kids.

I would…

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