A Little About The Tea Parties

Of course the thought that you might be attending a “protest” (OH MY!) brings thoughts of Kent State, Iran, or.. whatever.. Never fear!  We are protected.  The 1st amendment guarantees our right to protest, to call out for redress of our grievances.  Its a guarantee folks.  Not a changeable thing, as the current administration or leftists in congress might have you believe.  It is our RIGHT.

Tea Party Attendees are not “tea baggers.”  “Tea bagging” has been a term adopted by the gay left to describe one of their own more colorful activities.  Let them have their fun [sic] but I am going to assume the general population of the Tea Party is not gay.  (Hey.. that doesn’t exclude you gays out there..  you are taxpayers and getting er um screwed too.. feel free to going the protests.)  For clarification I would assume “Tea Partiers” is an appropriate term to describe attendees..

Speaking of  “Tea Partiers..” it really cuts to the mood..  Of the Five Tea Party events I have attended, the people have been great, we don’t leave a mess, we get along, and our message is pretty clear.  These are FUN events! Very social and even an element of brotherhood.  There are folks who come from different back grounds, cultures, belief sets, yet find commonality in the belief that the United States has strayed from its mission, and that government, like a dog let loose from its cage is running out of control.

The numbers are growing, and the interest has increased. This blog is already starting to see the numbers of visitors like it did before the April 15, 2009 Tea Party day.. We received over 20,000 visits to this site in less than a weeks time just prior to Tax Day..  If you think you will be standing alone, think again. You have more friends in this state than you can possibly imagine, and no ignorance by the main stream media outlets can change that. No casual insults by the elitist rent seeker who feed off of an omnipresent governments teat can lessen our resolve.

The July 4, 2009 Tea Party Event in Michigan is going to be awesome!  What better way to educate your kids, renew your claim to independence than to attend a peaceful assembly of wonderful people, and let your voice be heard!

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  1. Matt
    July 1, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Only one question … what do all these “Tea Parties” have to show that they really accomplished? Other than giving a stage for some blow hard politicians (who in turn, also accomplish nothing). The Right to life crowd has been protesting for 35 years with what to show for it??? Believe you me, we in Michigan pay way to much in taxes, fees, roads, college tuitition – you name it, for what we get, but just having a bunch of aimless protests changes nothing! How about directing this effort into a realistic ballot initiative (and please, not the Fair Tax).

    • jgillman
      July 1, 2009 at 2:27 pm

      I understand that you feel nothing has been happening, I would have to disagree. We are being heard, and if you would have been to the Convention as an example, you might have noted the importance had drawn in some of the state candidates for governor and SOS. Our minor efforts DO draw attention. And when the time comes to cast our ballot, these politicos do NOT want to be on the wrong side of the 30,000+ participants who are not merely bystanders anymore. we are active.

      As to blowhards.. The tea parties have NOT been a platform for the current set of politicians. In fact, in SC a Republican was booed off the stage, and in Chicago, The new chair of the Republican party was politely told he could not address the crowd as a speaker, but could participate like anyone else… in the crowd.

      Your argument about the Right To Life folks seems to miss the fact that their argument is winning. over 50% of the country is on board now. Changing hearts takes time though. I am certainly in a different place now with regard to the abortion debate than I was 20 years ago.

      As to initiatives, what do you have in mind? Personally I am a supporter of the fair tax, for the simple reason of its ability to tie the hands of the politician on raising taxes. It has a little element that I find distasteful, but I think it would be a very good move in the right direction. I would be on board with some other initiatives as well, but it does take money, and time, and people, and many of the tea party participants, though on board in an argument against bloated government, come from very different places in life.

      If you have an initiative you would like to pursue, please feel free to present it. Even a simple idea. If you don’t run with it, perhaps someone else might.

      the whole point of my response, is that some things do require a process, and though it might not seem obvious immediately, I believe we are starting to move the momentum in a new direction.

      Thanks for your comments.. You are not alone in feeling that way I can assure you.

  2. July 1, 2009 at 2:53 pm


    We have accomplished something. Regardless of what the lame-stream media wants to say (or not say) about us, the TEA Party Movement has the attention of the politicians in both Washington and the state capitols (and occasionally also at the local level).
    Just in case you hadn’t noticed it, the vast majority of the TEA parties typically do not have politicians at the microphone. Our message is, quite simply, that the government needs to get back on its constitutional leash.

    Right-to-Life has indeed accomplished something; they’ve raised awareness. That’s the first step to getting anything of real importance done as a grassroots movement. Besides, they’ve made considerable inroads into re-establishing that human life is inherently valuable in and of itself, at every stage (including pre-birth) and regardless of “quality.” And like it or not, that message is also getting around.

    Why not the FairTax? Here’s a thought; take an honest look at any other tax reform currently proposed; and then tell me what they all have in common that none of them share with the FairTax.

    The answer is that all of these other reforms leave the government in full control of the tax system. And as long as the government has the authority to tax, it can take from the citizens anything it needs to fund anything it needs to keep running. Until you take control of the tax system away from the government, you will not be able to force that government back down to size.

    And this is the beauty of the FairTax. As an inherent function of the FairTax, the government is stripped of its control of the tax system. The citizenry decides how much money they contribute to their public servants. An individual’s tax burden is directly and inextricably linked to that person’s consumption spending.

    As an integral element of this constitutional amendment (which is how it has to be done in Michigan to be effective), the government cannot resurrect any old taxes, enact any new taxes, or raise the sales tax rate without putting it before the voters for approval as a ballot initiative.

    Do you see that? The one thing that the government has been using for the past seven generations to systematically reduce the citizenry to slavery is destroyed in one stroke. With nothing more than signatures on a paper petition, and votes at a ballot box, We The People rise up against the greatest of systemic government abuses, shatter their chains, and strike the first and greatest blow toward reclaiming liberties that the government would rather deny us.

    And that is why the government hates us so.

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