Something we can all agree on

Conservative, or Liberals (not so sure about the hard core leftists though…) in Michigan would like to see its economy improve. One of the main reasons, is that a thriving economy creates a diverse job base. Hard to find any disagreement there.  We can also agree that Michigan has been particularly hard hit and unemployment is the highest in the country.

There ARE jobs available however, and sometimes its simply a matter of making the connection between employee and employer.  A Michigan firm is trying to help match them up.  Not only that, but currently is doing so for FREE!


Worth a look see to what they are doing.. ( Click on the image) H/T to Bruce Hall.

For the record, we are not recieving any compensation for promoting this..  We can only hope it is a help to those who are sincerely in need of employment, and to those businesses willing to hire.

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