Santa Pulling His Sleigh With Jackalopes

Michigan’s recent energy policy shift..

Consumers and DTE saw it coming, and lobbied heavily for the return to a fewer number of providers. And even though it may have put them under the thumb of regulators, they would have been there anyhow, but now with a few less competitive forces.  This means all they have to do is ASK for their expected cost increases to be passed on to the consumer.

You see, the 2015 mandate to provide a particular percentage of electricity from “renewable” resources is going to be incredibly expensive for power providers, and they need the ability to pass those costs on.  What government ( Read Granholm)  is doing, is analogous to making a miner work.. not with a pick, but a spoon.  It is the same as powering an ore boat with paddles, a Chevy Corvette with (shudder) with a four cylinder engine… and yes similar to Santa Claus being whisked around the world by a team of Jackalopes. (For those of you on the eastern seaboard.. think bunny.. with antlers)

At the federal level, the newest advertisments for carbon caps are straight out lies.. “Carbon Caps = Hard hats..”  WTF !!?? Is the Repower America statists (AKA Alliance for climate protection – A [formerly?] Carol Browner production..  yes THAT Carol Browner) on drugs?  Are they off their collective nut?

It all depends on what YOU think they are trying to accomplish..

If you think they are really trying to create jobs, then yes.. they are off their nut.  No job is created by artificially increasing the cost of production which drives that production overseas.

If you think they are trying to consolidate more power into the hands of a selective elite, then you would be correct.  They will be able to pick the winners and losers with “government assigned” exemptions (for the sake of any particular current emergency) all the while ignoring the failing industries which cannot compete with government “sanctioned” business AND the foreign competition at the same time.

The advertising of the greatest theft of our time has begun.  Our congress is about to give away the rest of the farm. Remember this..

Carbon Caps = Dunce Caps

…not hard hats.

Simply because stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to allowing further government control and restrictions on our economy and energy production.  If you can still afford a phone call its worth making the switchboards light up saying HELL NO  to carbon taxes.  Michigan has seen the precursor to the real damage that will happen. Does anyone REALLY want that (and worse) in the rest of the country?