Now We Are Extremists?

There is strength in numbers.  At least the left ELITE knows it, and has used it by pulling together groups of varying degrees of extremes.  From those who want cradle to grave government hand holding, to those who have been cowed by guilt that they have a little surplus, yet don’t recognize the value of their own productivity, to those who presume victim status because they hold not a majority voice and assume because of that… it is not an equal one.  The left manipulators find the common victim status and enhance it with the promise of “balance” or “atonement ” by society for all the wrongs which led to the unequal outcome of a particular group’s lot.

They do it well.

They also know that they cannot allow the conservative (constitutionally conscious) majority to coalesce and put a damper on the free reign of those who would use the philosophies of “humanity” for their own power gain. Using an unpopular war as leverage, the left is now in power controlling two houses of representation, the executive branch, and possibly the judicial firewall before long.  Within a few days of the most recent transition, the banks which thought they were getting “loans” find they might be facing new “stock holders” with full voting privilege.

But the majority sees it for what it is..  A crossing of the line, an open violation of the powers given to the Federal government by the constitution.

So we have had “Tea Parties.”  Hardly an uprising, insurrection, or sedition.  Our “revolution” is in the arena of ideas and calling to the forefront, that which the constitutional 1st amendment promises we have. A “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

But then there are those who would silence us.  Painting the participants as “right wing extremists” because we disagree  would be bad, but in reality it is far worse.  They paint us as “fringe” not to deny we are correct, but to keep us from exercising our 1st amendment rights.  Considering that many already FEAR government, having the department of homeland security declare your participation in such events makes you suspect, and certainly has its [intended] consequences.

We chartered a bus to Lansing Michigan to join with nearly 5000 others who are fed up with an over stepping federal government.  Most on the bus admitted they had NEVER PROTESTED before.  They didn’t know what to expect.  some didn’t know if it was all legal.  My wife as an example asked me prior to attending the February Lansing rally if “we will be arrested.”   So already there is a built in fear of our government, and the thought that reprisals would be felt if we DARE TO SPEAK OUR MIND.

Imagine that.

So ponder this…  If those in charge understand how good, LAW ABIDING citizens who have a complaint can be made fearful of walking as a group in a public place, why wouldn’t they take it to that next level?  Assigning honorable titles to participants such as “extremist,” “right wing,” “dangerous..” would make quite a few folks who already haven’t a clear understanding of their rights squeamish about raising their voices.

We (conservatives) are constantly pulled apart by allowing ourselves to believe that any of the following matters.

You wish to march openly? You are going overboard.
You rally on public space? You are dangerous.
You think Taxes are too high? You are fringe.
You listen to Rush Limbaugh? He is a snake handler.
You watch Glenn Beck? He is an entertainer and is politically irrelevant.
You believe in the sanctity of life? Your proselytizing is offensive.
You believe what you earn is yours? You have no decency.
You have core beliefs? You are intolerant.

The timing of the Homeland security report announcing those returning VETS, FOX viewers, participants in Tea Parties, and other groups were lumped together as a potential threat to the state.  Even though there are a few in office who ask for substantiation, the damage was intended and has been done. Their intent is to divide us, and to some measure it may have.

How many folks didn’t show to a tea party because they didn’t want to be listed as a potential terrorist?  How many thought “eh.. maybe it isn’t THAT big a deal,” in a bid to pursue an excuse for being a little afraid of our oppressors?  What credibility has that office (DHS) sacrificed to ignore REAL threats such as a growing Sharia presence in this country, ignore Real danger caused by environmental activists who destroy property, yet pretend those who hold signs saying “STOP MORTGAGING OUR CHILDREN”S FUTURE” are a scourge?  The same report that says returning veterans who have risked, sacrificed, given life and limb, and are more deserving of the respect of this country than those who infest of the halls of congress are now “considered to be a threat” to the same country they fought for?

This small part is only the beginning of an administration bent on using crisis, environmental sensitivity, and ignorance of many to perpetuate power grabs for a select few.  This cannot be allowed to be unanswered.  Repeat after me…

We are not fringe.
Liberty is paramount.
Our soldiers are HEROES.
Our children are not pack mules.
Our government works for us.

Now don’t let them forget it.

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