Bus from Grand Rapids to Lansing Rally – See Update for FLINT

There may be some interest in a small bus from GR to the  Lansing tea party rally.  Apparently 15 persons so far for a 29 person bus.  Cost as yet unknown.

Click on the Link in the top left corner (TC to Lansing bus link) or reply to this ASAP if you have an interest.  I will pass your information on to that group.  There may be time to make it happen.  I would suggest you provide a contact phone number for quicker confirmation.

———- UPDATE —————-

FLINT-Lansing BUS: Tea Party Bus available if enough sign up.(33 passenger) Leave April 15th- Flint 10am, return to Flint Approx 2:30 Cost (depending on number of riders–$15-18 pp). Email me. If enough interest it will be a go.

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