Left WINGNUTS spinning crazily on the Tea Parties

You’ve already seen it happen here when we first reported the great success at the Lansing Tea Party event, but apparently we must have hit big and really pissed off the buzzy little hornets of the Left Nut Roots.  Malkin reports today on those tinfoil wearing leftys claiming our grass roots three day effort was a long plan funded by none other than the evil Koch empire:

In response to the nationwide outbreak of taxpayer protests against the culture of entitlement, a loon at Playboy.com claimed that the Tea Party events this weekend were part of a grand cabal funded by something called the Koch Foundation in cahoots with CNBC’s Rick Santelli:

Yeah.. I lost a Days worth of work, paid overtime to the employees, drove a total of 7 hours so that the minions of the Koch empire ( Retiree Joan, School board Wendy, and apprentice troublemaker Melanie) would have an event to discredit the mighty “O,” so that the Koch empire would live and  breathe.  Others, who cannot even afford the gas showed up in hopes of impressing the importance of the issue.

Seriously..  there are some liberals who actually buy into this stuff.  And hopefully, there are others who might get the idea that we have gone a little too far.

All I can say is, that all of the home made signs, the creativity in expressing our overwhelming displeasure in the direction we appear to be headed, and the willingness to sacrifice our time and energy to save  our liberties as well as those who might even oppose us for the wrong reasons.

Our philosophy is quite simple.  We work to provide for our families, others are entitled to do the same.

Because we are not willing to give without regard to responsibility, or are hesitant to go into debt for the sake of sloth and perpetual mental laziness, we become the villains to the masses.   Or at least that is how we are portrayed by the generally populist press and its agents.

So a messageto those who try to play down the numbers, or suggest there is a secret conspiracy.. The Tea parties will continue.  We will overcome this insane shift to the far left that already has a tinkle running down Chris Mathews incontinent trousers, and hopefully restore the faith in a federal government which knows its constitutional mandate..