"A Republic If You Can Keep It.."

When asked about what we as Americans received with the founding of our constitution, Ben Franklin gave a response which was quite appropriate, and prophetic.  Much in the way the Romans eventually destroyed their own republic through a progression of self serving elitist interest, the United States through corruption, and populism seeks to end the most prosperous era ever known to man.

The United States of America is not a democracy.  This wonderful country, which founded as a REPUBLIC, a “nation of laws,” and NOT a Democracy, faces new challenges, and also faces a government which knows no limits as our founders had intended.  Our government is attempting one of the boldest redistribution plans this nation has ever seen.

History is replete with examples of “democracies” reverting to dictatorships, and otherwise oligarchic rule, and even current events demonstrate the failure of mob rule as majorities believe that the produce of one individual is no more owned by that individual than the sky itself might be.  Mob rule (democracy) creates an environment where the several might divvy up the possessions of the few in the name of an altruistic fairness.  It is an environment that ultimately leads to a decline in the desire to perform, create and benefit society with the creation of true wealth. It damages the very  foundation of what has brought this country forward as a leader and the greatest wealth producer on the planet. Wealth that ANYONE with the will can build.

At what point now, will we see the leadership as our keepers, and not as our elected representatives and servants?  I believe THEY have already assumed that mantle, at least internally as seen by their unrepentant disregard for the constitution and its charge as the protector of our Republic.   This cannot be.

The tea parties which have happened, and Future events which continue to be planned are a great example of the wiser folks across the nation as a whole realizing we must take a stand.  For if we don’t, we face the very real possibility of a future where we cannot expect the rule of law to exist, but rather the whim of a bureaucratic and reactionary nightmare of government.