Ladeees and Gentlemen! Step right UP!

A most magnificent creation as to yet be explained!  Under the shroud is the miracle found nowhere else on earth, it is said to be both male AND female..  It changes color before our eyes! It is the product of years of experimentation and nurturing..  Fed by wind, and sparked to life by sheer will and determination, it can consume ALL it encounters if let off its leash! Some say it can be used as a beast of burden, others say it is a threat to our very existence..  It is monstrous, it is scaly,  It is…..


Yes, my dearest thrill seekers, it is quite large, and the chains which bind it are deceptively strong ..Or are they!? We shall see very shortly, as shortly a man like no other, a “Man Without Equal” will attempt to tame it, and walk with it before your very eyes. Yes, and most certainly, you will see the evil incarnate under the guiding hand of the one true MASTER!  “The one,” who will attempt to harness and guide it with unknown ambition!

Will it attack the hand that leads it about?  Will it feed off all that it surveys? Only time will tell! But be certain, this behemoth holds no loyalty..  It is a WILD creature and its very breath can flatten entire communities.  Its stare can bring about fear in the most stalwart.  Its touch.. Its touch, ladies and gentlemen, can most certainly bring about the nightmares you thought you had lost as children.

Porkzilla is real!  So step right up! And WITNESS the act of your lifetime! All it will cost.. is your soul…