Honest Cops Awards

The saying, “an honest cop” often confuses some as it appears to indicate moral integrity, when in fact it supposes the integrity and consistency is actually based on staying “bought” by the criminals to protect their ongoing operations. In the nation’s capital, it appears we have a similar situation as the budget ballooned beyond this mere mortal’s comprehension.

A pork laden “stimulus” which could hardly have been read by anyone.  And as the “Honest Cops” they are, the legislature ignored the seedy activity in the underlying language.  Well paid and well played Senators.  I should point out for those of you interested, each of the three Republicans (Specter, Snowe, Collins)  who apparently WERE needed for the WIN. These three Senators have market interests with Snowe leading the pack with 10s of Millions in the market.

OOO-LYMPIA!!!!! way to be a player girl!  You get my 2009 “Pelosi” Rape the PPL award Baybee!  For your personal and political gain, your actions shackle each and every one of us to our unsaleable SUVs. Face down.. to the hood.  Evil baybee  pure evil..

YO ARRRLEN!  Time to hang it up ol dood!  You have been a sorry excuse for a Republican, and deserve Nothing but the utter contempt of your nation and I hope your dog bites your leg.. after cleaning himself. I Award you the “Where’d I hide my sanity” award.

Susan..  MOMMMA!  Damn..  isn’t there ONE Decent Republican up there?  Maine hasnt been THAT cold has it? Pathetic.  You have earned the “What do we have to do to get a conservative in Maine” award.  Personally I think YOU are merely ignorant..  not evil.

Sorry folks..  this round of name calling may not be the last..

That is, until they tell me I cant anymore. And my bet is that these three will be right up there supporting the legislation which takes THAT right away from me.