The Fun Part About Financial Disaster…

OK the title is only slightly misleading… Financial ruin of an industry is hardly fun for those who get caught in the cogs of the machine. It is the DISCOVERY of truth which is rightfully enjoyable. The UAW has certainly seen more prosperous days for its members, and has most decidedly taken advantage of the windfall of earlier successes. However, the not so careful dis-assembly the UAW has wreaked on past successes of the automakers is now bringing more light to the dark side of dues paid self compensation under the guise of “education” for its leadership.

The UAW Golf course in Cheyboygan county, (North Eastern Michigan)  a $33 million dollar posh (and public.. at a price) facility has been losing money for the Union and apparently misrepresents its true value for property tax purposes as Dennis Lennox III points out in his phone interview on Fox news yesterday.  Dennis is the recently elected Drain Commissioner for Cheboygan county, and claims the UAW uses the tribunal process in an attempt to decrease the state taxable value well below the value they claim for federal purposes.  This results in lowered collected taxes and “cheats” the already cash strapped schools of much needed funds.

Michelle Malkin has been on top of this as well for weeks, and has chronicled the excesses the UAW has enjoyed on the backs of its workers, and now apparently the taxpayer.  She points out even more through financial history:

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The UAW golfed. While carmakers soak up $17 billion in taxpayer bailout funds and demand more for their ailing industry, United Auto Workers bosses have wasted tens of millions of their workers’ dues on gold-plated resorts and rotten investments. The labor organization’s money-losing golf compound is just the tip of the iceberg.

Malkin is correct.  It is only the tip of the iceberg…

Curious as I am about the UAW and its operation of the lavish facility in Cheboygan county I wonder aloud if the employees if this resort are the recipients of a decent compensation package the UAW insists is necessary for the survival of ANY individual at any time.  Certainly the kitchens of Black Lake Golf Course in Onaway are heavily populated with the finest Union chefs and wait staff.  I guess a little cheating on your local taxes could be well balanced out by long term health care doled out to those deserving northern Michiganders hmmm?

Right..  Hypocrisy… meet thy maker