Feel Free to comment.. Even if you are from "MediaRat"

Sorry..  If you invite comments, at least have the courtesy to publish them.  Some folks put a lot of time and thought into their words before submitting them.  Heck, I will accept views contrary to my own here, and have toyed with the idea of even accepting opposite views as posts.  There can be no question there is a decided bias to the right on these pages, but I have always allowed a free discourse. (until it turns ugly) The faux invitation to comment suggests you allow open discussion..  mmm?

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  1. December 29, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    Well, since you asked…

    You said that you allow free discourse, “until it turns ugly”. If you’ve set your own standard for “ugly,” then I think you have to allow others to create theirs as well. I have rules clearly posted on my blog. I want civil, constructive discourse, so I moderate to ensure that happens. I get fewer comments, but I also don’t get any of the nasty “slash and burn” insults I’ve had with other blogs. All things considered, I like this better.

    To me, commenting is a bit like knocking at the front door of somebody’s house. No law says they’ve got to let you in.

  2. jgillman
    December 30, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Of course.. No law.. Its YOUR site.. correct? I mean, certainly you wouldn’t want a government LAW to interfere in your business.. right? Particularly when YOU have to decide what works for YOUR business … mmmm?

    My comment was simple enough, and hardly inflammatory. It was civil, it was constructive, however it didn’t meet your “building code” of liberality. It was meant to point out there is an opposing view, and insert some reason.

    I actually considered the title of this as a little bit of a trolling measure to see if I could get your attention. (am I correct) I normally am not so direct. (personal) But after seeing the boot licking it takes to be considered a worthwhile comment for some of the liberal blogs, (including MediaMouse) it appeared it was the best measure.

    Here is the deal..

    I moderate here as well. The first time. I don’t need to feel like you love me or even agree with me. After I determine there isn’t a name calling pattern, the post is approved. You see MODERATION is different than censorship.

    As to the first paragraph of THIS comment…

    The comment I wanted to place was on this article on Starbucks. I merely challenged the logic of a “private” business being forced to submit to “union” (government backed) demands.. I mean after all it is THEIR business.. Making decisions which suit their shareholders best.. I mean they can “moderate” their own operation.. or does it apply only to blog sites?

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