Its December 1st…

Hillary “officially” dinged as Secretary of State.  Carefully watch THIS PAGE in the next two weeks.

Consider that this “Democrat” who has been hawkishly pursuing the possibility that Monsieur Obama has not in fact the ability to hold office based on his “immigration status” will now not likely pursue to the degree he had up to this point.  Negotiating strength duly noted.  Philip Berg, certified to argue in front of the US Supreme Court isn’t about to throw it away, but IMO, it will remain an unpressed issue until the chosen one “crosses” her majesty.

Consider also the lack of interest the Lame Stream Press has in the case before the Supreme Court.  The defendents in the case were to respond to the court by today.  Whether or not the entire process is Bullsquat, the fact remains that it is BIG news.   Any reporter worth their salt would investigate fully, and get to the truth of the matter..  that is unless..  they fear for their lives.

People forget those “crazy” Clinton related and inconvenient tragedies so quickly.  Hillary, who was said to be a monster in the white house, and unbearable for any who had to deal with her, is even acknowledged by Obama as a “controversial pick.” One must raise eyebrows and wonder about the motivation which would have the president elect select someone who is so incredibly polarizing to be in so important a position.  It could be argued that she is perhaps a seemingly qualified person for the position, however, it is more likely supportive of the postulate; “keeping the enemy closer than your friends.”

Given the pressure mounting by Hillary supporter Berg, you do what you have to I suppose.  The page I reference in the beginning will likely fade as the incoming administration takes on its formidable task of attempting to convince more of us to part with our earnings and those of our kids.. and theirs as well. And though the charge of constitutionality will likely never completely be withdrawn, it will continue to be held as “insurance” to preserve the respectable standing of the former first lady IMO.