Cancer? You decide..

Michigan in my lifetime and for a long time before has always had a large manufacturing presence.  This state has played a large part in the long term building of our Republic and supported efforts in expanding the democratic ideals throughout the world with innovative machinery built by proud michigan hands and created with inginuity found nowhere else.

Something happened however.

When we allowed government to give unilateral bargaining power to one entity (the UAW) and took away the power of a manufacturing business to negotiate for its survival the way any business ought to, we allowed the invasive pestilence of socialist enterprise a foothold in our political development.  Even the casual observer of recent events involving the auto giants has to conclude there have been overreaches by unions in their aggressive extortion of American PRIVATE business.  In the process, we have seen the entire economic infrastructure of the United States weakened.

There are many effects stemming from the clogging of the economic arteries of this great nation.  Fat with power, the party in control only feeds its eventual cardiac arrest.  In the meantime, much like an excessively obese human, the union’s hunger is not sated by a look in the mirror at a picture of cellulite embedded reality, they reach for even more. As the manufacturing sectors fail, the Unions in Michigan have been steadily building Government as their last retreat.  Granholm, the willing enabler of labor’s gluttony has capitulated enough to expand the size of Michigan government  and the number of Government Union Positions.

NOW..  as School boards have been fighting tooth and nail to keep enough money in the coffers for (of all things) EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN, by limiting the control of the MEA in the costly insurance mark up game, the MEA is apparently searching for another cash cow? Not surprising.  At least not to those who understand what a cancer big labor can be. It has crippled our manufacturing base, and put at risk what used to be the educational envy of the country.

Considering the major organs of the state are so clearly infected, perhaps it is time for Michigan to take its pill, and let an automaker fail if need be to properly healed.  A “chemo therapy” of sorts.  And as it is with the chemo treatments, we sometimes must lose a bit of the good to rid ourselves so completely of the bad.