Little Things at the Right Time.

First off, break out the popcorn, fluff up the easy chair, and have it ready to be watching the local PBS affiliate at 7:00 p.m., Sunday, October 19th.  Jack Hoogendyk and the original “Senator Government” Carl Levin will square off for a debate that should be an absolute joy to watch.  Imagine a righteous battle of logical swordplay, as Jack parries and thrusts his principled messages as most appropriate in this time of bloated government.

Sunday morning I will be doing canvassing in my neighborhood to make sure as many as possible know to watch.  If you can make it to your local victory centers they should have the Hoogendyk for US Senate fliers on hand.  It only takes a few folks in the right neighborhoods to make all the difference this silly season, and our guy Jack can begin to be a part of fixing the problem in our nation’s capital.

Consider the situation at hand..  a couple of weeks to go, Obama has pulled from the state as “already won,” and is moving on to put resources in other battleground states.  This is a good thing for the Hoogendyk Senate campaign, and allows it to leverage by placing focus on the legislative agenda of the US Senate and US House.  The Levin campaign been sending the following:

“a President Obama and a Vice President Biden will need the help of Congress to carry out their mandate for change.

Democrats in the Senate have a real opportunity to increase the narrow 51-49 majority we have now and close in on the 60 Democratic Senators that we need to enact the new President’s agenda and overcome the Republican filibusters that have thwarted so much critical legislation in this past Congress.

That is why I am making this urgent and personal plea for you to click here to contribute to support the following six Democratic Senate candidates:  Mark Begich in Alaska.  Mark Udall in Colorado.  Ronnie Musgrove in Mississippi.  Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.  Kay Hagan in North Carolina.  Jeff Merkley in Oregon.”

So assuredly confident of his win in Michigan Levin openly calls for unchecked power in Washington.  Unchecked power, given to those who have created, and continue to create the very problems that still persist as an economic cancer on the world financial markets.

Take an hour or two, and go MEET your neighbors.  Find out who they are. Get them the message.  Michigan can be a part of the solution, and no matter who wins the presidency, maybe Michigan can help to keep bad law off the president’s desk.